Sunday, 24 July 2016

Lost in translation

Are you missing out on the stories on Addick's Third Division Diary as the club prepares for the season without a senior goalkeeper? Russell Slade is in despair and we provide the real version of his letter to those renewing their season tickets: Russell Slade

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Who is Charlton's new assistant manager?

Jonathan Acworth has had two phone calls with Russell Slade recently and has been hopeful of moving either into the dugout or replacing Katrien Meire as chief executive. Have Acworth's dreams come true? Read about the identity of the new assistant manager at Addick's Third Division Diary: Acworth overlooked shock

The club's article also reveals that Plymouth is now part of Cornwall which will be a real shock to Devonians. I suspect that the longer term plan is to make it part of Belgium.

You can also read about the return of Tony Watt to his native heath with the Jam Tarts.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Big Dave goes

The latest casualty at The Valley is 'Big' Dave Lockwood who has been match day announcer for 24 years. He has resigned and has joined the protests against the regime: Big Dave

Charlton 'through and through' is a much used cliché, but it certainly applies to Big Dave. He once gave me a collection of Charlton videos when his sister emigrated.

Big Dave's full statement is here: Sadly time to go

Roland, I thank yew

The transitional period when posts were being made both here and on Addick's Third Division Diary has come to an end and all future posts will be made on the League One site in recognition of our diminished status. Thank you, Roland and Katrien, for screwing up the club.

The signs that they are learning are still limited, notwithstanding the appointment of an English manager and a few new signings, offset by quality exits. Nick Pope is having his medical at Burnley today. I think he would have been good enough for League One, instead he will have to sit on a cold bench at Turf Moor.

I have renewed my season ticket, because I know that if I didn't have a season ticket, I would stop going. Five hours travelling is quite a bit, even though I can read, sleep and use my tablet. All those around me have renewed. Whether I would renew after another season, I don't know.

However, I do think that the club needs to kept going so that there is something left for a new owner to build on. I don't buy into conspiracy theories that Roland wants to run down the club to redevelop The Valley. It would be a very expensive, perhaps impossible, site to develop.

The considerable reputational damage inflicted on Roland by the CARD campaign has not shifted this obdurate eccentric. Sometimes it feels like we are the victims of a failed social experiment.

What can we expect of the season ahead? Those who like wallowing in gloom and doom, and there are always plenty of those at Charlton (or any club), think that we will be relegated to League Two, and then to the Conference. In that case, given its infrastucture, the club would no longer be viable and would have to be closed in its present form.

Some optimists think the play offs might be possible. My hunch is that we will turn out to be a solid, mid-table League One club, punching below what should be our weight.

Older readers will know that the 'I thank yew' (pronounced ay-thang-yew) in the headline refers to the comedian Arthur Askey.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Farewell, then, Nick Pope

Burnley have improved their offer for Nick Pope to around £1m and a deal is close to being finalised: Nick Pope

It has been good to see Pope to develop from a non-league player to one capable of performing at Championship level and I am sorry to see him go. The Chicago Addick is more critical: Not up to it

Stephen Henderson may also be on his way out, with Nottingham Forest interested: Henderson

The Addicks will need to find a new first choice keeper. Who was that guy the Belgians brought over? Ah, yes, Thuram-Ullen, the maestro of punching the ball.

Friday, 15 July 2016

It's not so grim 'oop north

With the president of the NFU at the Great Yorkshire Show

Having spent a day this week at the Great Yorkshire Show, I can verify that. More to the point, the latest Swiss Ramble blog takes an in depth look at Huddersfield Town which in normal circumstances we might think of as a comparator. All the tables and graphs include data on Charlton: Huddersfield Town

Of course, their chairman has pumped in £45m, admittedly to no great effect.

New triumph for daft ideas department

One of Katrien Meire's innovations at The Valley has been to create a Daft Ideas Department. Its role is to think up ideas that will upset the fans even more than they are upset with the regime already.

This time it has excelled itself. Fans will have to pay an extra £2.50 to buy tickets at the ticket office rather than online. Even worse, prices will go up by £3 in the two hours before kick off: Fan friendly

I suppose the idea behind that is to encourage more fans to buy season tickets, given that sales have been poor (3,500 is one figure that I have heard). However, many fans don't want to buy season tickets under the current regime. In any case, there is always some 'walk up' traffic. There are people who just go to a few games a year and might decide, on the spur of the moment, 'I've got nothing on this afternoon. I'll go to The Valley and be bored there instead.'

It's not clear how this affects away tickets, but I would have thought that at many League One grounds you could turn up on the day and hand over some readies at the gate. Indeed, I believe that at Fleetwood Town you get a free cod throw in. No good for Charlton fans: we like haddocks.

The views of the Supporters' Trust on this development can be found here: Insulting