Thursday, 9 July 2020

Bowyer and Pearce nominated for awards

Lee Bowyer has been short listed as Championship Manager of the Month and Jason Pearce as player of the month:

For those who regard such awards as unlucky, Bowyer is thought unlikely to get it, but it is a recognition of what he has achieved with a side which is largely not up to Championship standard.

Following Boro's win at the Toolbox, Charlton are just one point and one place above the relegation places.  Fortunately, Hull City lost at Bristol.

I wouldn't rely on Wigan's 12 point deduction as there has been an understandable outpouring of sympathy for their plight, although people are queueing up to take over.   Wigan Warriors rugby club must surely be favourites.

Why are so few people interested in Charlton?  Because it's a much more expensive buy than Wigan which may go for £10m.  

This Saturday's Relegation League fixtures see Hull at home to the Spanners.  Barnsley entertain Wigan while Huddersfield are at home to Luton.   Boro are at home to Bristol City and Stoke meet a weakening Birmingham City.   Three points against Reading are vital for Charlton.

Gallagher transfer decision discussed

A serious blow this season was the disappearance of Conor Gallagher to Swansea City at the turn of the year.  Now Cymru Ar-lein has explained some of the background to the decision:

Gallagher reckons that Swansea get more of the ball than Charlton.  It is evident that he is focused on his future career at Chelsea.  It's another reminder that footballers, especially loan players, are employees and we shouldn't identify with them too strongly.

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

'Big Dog' tries to get answers from the EFL

Trying to get information from the EFL is like getting blood from a stone and even Richard Cawley of the SLP makes little progress.

He tweeted: 'Contacted the EFL earlier this week about the latest on Charlton Athletic's ownership. They say they cannot comment on the change of control at any club and that there is no update at this stage.'

Cawley added: 'I'd asked if there had been any response from them regarding the owners + directors test and the source and sufficiency of funds. Paul Elliott said that an application had been made for EFL approval.'

He continued, 'My understanding is that the EFL are expecting a figure between £15m-17m to be available to cover the club's running costs for the next couple of seasons.'

It would be nice to know from whom as the club badly needs some stability.

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Bees collect their honey

As anticipated, Charlton were defeated by Brentford at Griffin Park tonight.  The scoreline was 2-1 instead of the 3-0 in some forecasts and Charlton were ahead for most of the match.  However, the Bees showed quality all over the pitch.

A breakaway by Williams on the left took Brentford by surprise and Forster-Caskey turned provider for Bonne who headed home on seven minutes.

Cullen made a great tackle and Phillips tipped the ball over the bar.

Charlton won a corner after an outstanding pass from Phillips.  Pearce grazed the bar with his effort.

Following a Bees break, the ball went just over and then a shot was narrowly wide.

Brentford made a lively start to the second half, but Charlton survived the onslaught although one shot was just over the bar.

At three quarters time manager Frank got his board out and all the red discs were around the Charlton goal.  A soft penalty allowed Brentford to draw level.

Oshilaja was on target, but the keeper saved.   Phillips had to make the save and then Brentford hit the post.  Pearce made a firm clearance after Phillips pushed the ball out.

Poor defending of a Brentford corner on 84 minutes led to a goal claimed by Pinnock, although it was probably a Pearce own goal.   Brentford then controlled the game until the final whistle.

Phillips made some good saves and Matthews put in some good work in defence.  Naby Sarr made some precision passes and a great tackle late in the game.

Luton and Barnsley and Reading and Huddersfield both drew, Charlton remain 19th.

BBC Sport think that Charlton could have got more out of the game if they had taken their early chances:

Richard Cawley tweeted: 'Lee Bowyer reckons Brentford will be a Premier League side next season. Felt his side just ran out of steam at the end.'   The sublime supremo was pleased that Bonne ended his goal drought and explained that Hemed was rested:

The satisfied supremo was proud of his team who gave a very good Brentford side a real scare:

Brentford head coach Thomas Frank noted that his team were the only one in the current top four that had defeated Charlton:

Sky Sports says that Lee Bowyer is on the short list for Bristol City, but Chris Hughton and Mick McCarthy are interested in the role.   Lee Johnson was sacked after the club slumped to 12th in the table.

McGeady 'fitter and sharper'

Aiden McGeady has come back from lockdown in superior condition says satisfied supremo Lee Bowyer:

Personally I haven't been too convinced by his performances, but what do I know?   We need all the options we can get.

Monday, 6 July 2020

My grandmother and women's football

CAS Trust discussed the plight of the Charlton women's team last week.  I must admit that I did not know that they had a separate owner who has to fund them to the tune of £50k a year:

Our sister site at is stepping up to the plate with some modest sponsorship.

I have done this for two reasons.  First, in writing my book on football (now overdue) I have reached the chapter on women's football and uncovered a great deal of information on its origins in the 1880's and 1890's.

This in turn has helped me to understand something that has always been a puzzle to me.  My grandmother had a strong interest in football in general and Charlton in particular.  Because my uncle was a newsagent, various football publications were sent to her which I was then able to read as well.

But there was a paradox.  Here was a lady who was born in 1872 and who in many respects was a typical Victorian, yet was very keen in her eighties to discuss football with me, especially prospects for promotion and relegation.  She was acute enough to realise that one had to look not just at the manager and the team, but broader socio-economic trends.

Yet she was 16 by the time the Football League was established.   What my research has uncovered is that large numbers of women were already going to games, particularly in London where a lot of the impetus for women's football came from in the 1890's (a North v. South London game in 1895 attracted a crowd of 10,000 - 12,000).   Some of these women spectators became interested in playing football.

My grandmother never did that, but she did follow the game enthusiastically.  And, along with my father and mother, both keen Charlton supporters, she transmitted that enthusiasm to me.

Why Smith had to go

Lee Bowyer has revealed why it was not thought a good idea to extend the contract of Manchester City loan player Matt Smith.  To cut a not very long story short, he was a nice lad but a crock, not an unfamiliar story at Charlton where we seem to specialise in signing players who spend most of their time with us in the treatment room: