Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Mandaric's millions to secure Semedo

It looks as if out-of-contract Jose Semedo might be going to join Sheffield Wednesday: Semedo

Such a move is not unexpected, but we shall certainly miss the Portugeezer who will be remembered as one of the more inspiring players in a bleak spell for the Addicks. At least hatred of Millwall may now find its place in Sheffield.

There have also been suggestions that Bristol City may be interested and possibly even Pards at Newcastle.


Crowborough Addick said...

Jose will go with our blessing. If we cannot harness the talents of decent players on high salaries, then they are better off elsewhere. The same for Jenkinson.

It is refreshing to see how the two clubs have handled the sale. Also perhaps now we won't be "shafted" ourselves in the transfer of players in, especially after Peter Varney pleading our poverty. Nice one.

Anonymous said...

With our blessing? I don't think so.This is the player who loves Charlton,wants to spend the rest of his career with us,and was apparently ready to sign whatever we offered him!If he leaves can't wait for his Valley return

Arry Addick said...

Agree with Anonymous, but typical of players nowadays.

Wyn Grant said...

But if my employer said that he could no longer pay me my current salary but could pay, say, 50 per cent of it and someone else offered me 80 per cent, I would take the 80 per cent offer. It would be irrational to do otherwise, even if I felt sentimental loyalty towards my existing employer.