Friday, 27 July 2012

Kavanagh's uncertain future

When I went to the Belraus v. New Zealand Olympic football match at the City of Coventry stadium last night I did not expect to see a Charlton shirt: a fan from Hertfordshire and his dad were there. He told me about the latest developments at The Valley with chief executive Steve Kavanagh resigning from the board (tendering his resignation, not being asked to resign) but remaining as chief executive for now.

In a statement chairman Michael Slater said, 'The intention now is to allow incoming executive vice-chairman Martin Prothero time to analyse the management structure at the club before making recommendations as to the executive and senior management team going forward.' Hopefully we will not be going backward.

Kavanagh's future as chief executive looks very uncertain. Beyond that, I know nothing, although I believe that there may be a statement in Pravda later today, although whether that will add very much remains to be seen. Of course, all this is grist to the mill for the doom and gloom merchants with people speculating that Kavanagh was unhappy about some aspect of the club's management or finances.

The fact of the matter is that we don't know, although the team seems to be doing fine with a 4-1 win at Barnet. Report here: Barnet.

Whether Sam Baldock comes in remains to be seen, as there is apparently competition from Bristol City, while West Ham were interested at an earlier stage.

Elsewhere, an offer by Cheltenham Town for Leon Clarke has been turned down. The Addicks are hopeful of a better offer.

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Anonymous said...

Has Slater also commented on why Peter Varney was turfed out three weeks before he had agreed to step aside?
Why did they need Peter out-of-the-way?
We really don't know what is going on at The Valley.