Monday, 20 May 2013

Away support

There's been some discussion recently of the size of our away support, so thanks to the fan who put some data up on Facebook which suggest that the position is not as bad as many have suggested. On average we take 1,048 supporters away which admittedly is less than the average of 1,627 to be found in the Jimmy Seed Stand. But we actually take more away than Millwall (861) although fewer than Palace. Bristol City take the wooden spoon at 704, while Leeds United take the 'massive' tag at 2,878.

In the last Voice of the Valley a correspondent welcomed the 'new, passionate and boisterous group of younger fans who have started following us recently'. He complains about the 'complacency and sheer passivity of the majority of our older fans' who fail to provide 'vocal support and criticism of our manager'. He continues that he doesn't just want 'CAFC to be known as a cuddly family club (whatever that means) who take two coach loads of pensioners to away games.' For me what being a family club means is not being Millwall, offering somewhere where people can come to watch football without undue abuse.

I have to confess that I haven't been to an away game for some time whereas I used to go to most of them. This is largely for family reasons. The whole argument in the letter to VOTV seems a bit ageist to me. But probably I am not passionate or partisan enough for away games. It becomes increasingly difficult to switch off being balanced and non-partisan in my job and my media work, so perhaps I had better confine my support to The Valley.


Anonymous said...

A contingent of the so called “boisterous young fans” are responsible for inane chanting, over lubrication before the game and in some cases abuse of their own supporters (and the resultant taking the fun out of away games and discouraging many to attend,which might account for the not great figures).

Anonymous said...

Statistics show we are the 10th best supported team away from home in the league

However as a %of our home gates we are not that good.

This whole judgemental thing within our fan base is nonsense. I really dislike this Siddddaaarnnn attitude.
Good on the young lads that want a more passionate support!

Matthew Blake said...

being Millwall and taking two coaches of pensioners are opposite ends of the spectrum... I'm guessing I was in the young and boistrous group in the late 80's when I used to go home and away as much as I could afford, with beer money as well of course.

I don't remember ever doing anything to sully the image of Charlton as a family club, so yeah, keep up the support!