Monday, 29 July 2013

Stinging review from Hornets

Hornets fans take a look at Charlton and argue that our position last year was a false one. Work ethic and team spirit can only get you so far and they forecast a 12th or 19th finish for us this season. They are full of praise for Johnnie Jackson, but perhaps because he was once on loan at Vicarage Road: Hornets


pavel said...

Fair comment Charlton will deff struggle to stay up what club releases strikers and with 5 days to go hasn't brought any new faces in .
Relegation battle on its way.

Anonymous said...

It's time we had a policy decision from Jiminez and Slater. Seems even Chris Powell is having to use the press to get the message to The Board.
We need minimum 2 experienced Forwards In.
Also Andy Hughes, he was the key to our good run but so far has hardly featured.

Geoff said...

A conclusion Addicks might well share, but ironic from a club dependent on loans from Udinese!

Stevie said...

We were lucky last season in that our away form was top drawer. I would hasten to add that it is what kept us in the division.

We need to win our home games this season for two reasons:

1. Home games are usually the solid base which a team can build upon going through the season. These are the games we should (in theory) have the best chances of winning.

2. If we want to attract more fans to earn the club more money, and eventually put in a promotion push, we have to give the public something entertaining to watch.

I have no doubt that we are in a relegation battle before the season even kicks off. We've released lots of players and haven't brought in enough. We had a weak squad last season and it has not been strengthened.

I back Powell and the team to beat the drop, but don't be surprised to see Slater/Jiminez hit the panic button at some point this season and see Powell given his marching orders.

It's not going to be a pretty season. Let's just hope we get through it unscathed.

Anonymous said...

There's an argument for any team to claim they were in a false position last season beacuse the league was so tight. A couple of reults going the other way could affect about 10 league places for most teams. That said, we got the results and deserved where we ended up.

This season looks like being a struggle though. Can't see where the goals are coming from. No reason to think the defence are about to crumble so we should have enough to stay up but there could be some rocky patches unless we can finda striker from somewhere.