Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Richard Rufus declared bankrupt

Former Charlton Athletic footballer Richard Rufus, who later began a career as a 'financial consultant', has been declared bankrupt. Rufus, who played almost 300 games for Charlton in ten years with the club, was officially declared bankrupt at Croydon County Court on 22 October under his full name, Richard Raymond Rufus.

He is listed as inactive in the financial services register, having had a CF30 customer controlled function at Surrey-based stockbroker SI Capital between June 2009 and February 2011.

Rufus had previously entered into an Individual Voluntary Arrangement in November 2011, after a bankruptcy petition was served by the FSA. He had reportedly incorporated Monopoly Trading and Investments in January 2005 and became a director in the firm. The firm, which dissolved in September 2013, undertook 'activities auxiliary to financial services, except insurance and pension funding.' In his bankruptcy report, Rufus is listed as a 'financial consultant'.

This is a very sad day for one of our greatest players of recent times. My wife was his kit sponsor for several years and we have a number of signed shirts.

It is not easy for footballers to build careers after they leave the game. Only so many can be absorbed into football, even as non-league managers or academy coaches. Each week the Football League Paper runs are 'where are they now' feature about a particular team that did well in one year and invariably every week at least one player is now a postman. But at least it gives you a steady income.