Monday, 17 February 2014

Are QPR invincible?

In his recent pessimistic blog on Charlton's relegation prospects, Voice of the Valley editor Rick Everitt commented, 'The next Championship match is a difficult one against promotion-chasing QPR, a team we struggled to compete with at Loftus Road in November.' Like most Charlton supporters, Rick Everitt has been through some hard times, although he is one of the few to miss a University exam to attend an Addicks game, an event which had his head of department, pioneer gay Tory Peter Campbell, spluttering to me in indignation. I did point out that Addicktion could be a serious business, but Campbell evidently thought I was behind it all, adding 'and he's a good student.'

The Rickster's recent pessimism may be tinged by the problems he has had with errant wheelie bans as his Ramsgate ward is hit by high winds or perhaps the prospect of Nigel Farrage as MP for Thanet South after the next election. In any event, I do not think that the Super Hoops are invincible.

QPR are in my 'dislike' category. It's partly because a good friend who has lived in Acton all his life is a Brentford fan. But I also think that QPR fans have an exalted idea of their own status, thinking that they are a natural Premiership team. When the first foreign takeover occurred, one QPR fan told Radio 5: 'The only question people will be asking in five years' time is are QPR or Real Madrid the biggest team in Europe?' And don't get me started on Rodney Marsh and his attitude towards Charlton.

Sometimes Charlton play at their best against better teams. Moreover, despite 'Arry's artistry with the car window and the cost of their squad, the 1-3 defeat at home to an admittedly resurgent Reading suggests that they are not invincible. On the downside, Ravel Morrison is expected to join on loan from West Ham on Friday. There have been rumours of two loans coming in at Charlton, but one of the supposed targets went to Sheffield Wednesday.

QPR winger Shaun Wright-Phillips has turned down a loan move to Charlton, but I'm not sure he is the sort of player we would want anyway: Wright-Phillips

As far as the cup game is concerned, Addicks are getting excited about scenarios that could see us in a Wembley semi-final. However, the Owls now have the extra incentive of a Sheffield derby which no doubt they think they can win. A match on a Monday means that London-based fans will not be able to attend as the last train for the smoke leaves around 9 p.m. An overnight stay in Sheffield hardly appeals during the working week. Although Monday is better for me tyhan a Tuesday, even I cannot get up the M1 in time. The relative absence of our support won't help.


Anonymous said...

Really mate, you don't know many typical QPR fans - 'believe they're a natural premier league team'!?
We QPR fans are the biggest bunch of pessimists and know exactly where we belong, and at the moment it's not third in the Championship...

Al_QPR_81 said...

Haha well whoever that alleged QPR supporter was, his views certainly don't reflect the majority of us. Great that you've made a decision to 'dislike' us because of one idiotic comment.

We're in a bad way, we can't beat a drum, we've got players and a manager who - yet again - appear to have no spirit/fight. We're also in danger of FFP penalties next season, especially if we don't go up.

On the one hand though, that may be the best thing for us as we'll have to offload all the high earners and bring through our youth players - but anyway, the point is no we certainly do NOT believe we're a 'natural Premier League' side!! No-one is! Look at Leeds, Wolves, Birmingham, Watford, Middlesboro etc etc etc. I'm sure they all thought the same when they were in the Prem! How about Oldham??

The last 3 years have been pretty crap as a QPR supporter, and I'm sure your bunch will gain the easiest 3 points you ever will in front of your own fans. We're on the slide, no doubt about it. Can't score, can't defend, can't be arsed judging by the last 2 matches.

You should be looking forward to it.

Wyn Grant said...

These two QPR supporters seem to be more pessimistic than Charlton supporters which I didn't think was possible. I must say that I like the outfit. The most likely result is a draw. Presumably QPR are practising on waterlogged pitches.

Anonymous said...

Believe me, any QPR fan that was around during the days of League One and collecting money in buckets is grateful to still have a club never mind think that we belong in the Prem Lge!!

At the moment we're struggling, big time, there's not a lot for the fans to get behind & many are losing faith. We should be kicking on in the final third of the season but are getting worse. 'arry hasn't adressed some long-term problems and hasn't got a plan b. I expect a bore draw at the valley, which both teams would probably take at the moment!

Blucher said...

I have always quite liked QPR, although that probably goes back to their League Cup win as a third division side in 1967 and Dave Sexton's excellent team of the mid-70s.

Anyway, how can anyone dislike a club that gave us that magnificent documentary on Flavio Briatore, Bernie Ecclestone and friends (even including a turn by Iain Dowie). One of the best football documentaries ever made and pure comedy gold

Anonymous said...

You may have done QPR fans a disservice, Wyn. In my experience of them, they're a pretty realistic bunch. One I know was really hoping they wouldn't get promoted, a few years ago, such was his dislike for the Premier League experience.

I certainly enjoyed the QPR of Stan Bowles, Gerry Francis, Dave Thomas (??) but I'm with you on Rodney Marsh. But they are harder to like with a squad of overpaid under achievers and 'arry.

I'm hoping we can surprise ourselves with a win, as we tend to do better against the decent sides, whereas we have failed miserably in our recent 'six-pointers".

Kings Hill Addick said...

Al_QPR_81 Said: "We're in a bad way, we can't beat a drum, we've got players and a manager who - yet again - appear to have no spirit/fight. We're also in danger of FFP penalties next season, especially if we don't go up."

We are exactly the team to play then. This season, especially, we've been able to turn form on it's head by losing to teams that are in a terrible run of form.

You should get down to The Valley you could be pleasantly surprised!

Michael Tucker said...

No team is invisible. QPR might be riding high in the Championship, that don't mean a thing in football. Ask any Manu supporter who's team is being put through the ringer at the moment. Harry is no fool, he will treat as with respect,and tell his lads not to as for granted.As Jimmy Greaves used to say ----funny old game. And this what it is.Nothing is set in stone.They are pushing, we are fighting, it has all the hall marks of a cracking good game

Kap Varma said...

Many years ago, a cousin of mine got married in Shepherds Bush, her Brother In Law to be was released for the day from Borstall to attend, at the end of the ceremony he shot off to Loftus Road. He had been in Borstall for GBH at Loftus road, nice people they were then.