Sunday 7 November 2021

Gilbey: 'we let Adkins down'

In an interview published in the Football League Paper today Alex Gilbey says that he believes that he and his teammates let Nigel Adkins down but that self-reflection has led to a determination to climb the table.

He said: 'As a unit, both team and staff, I feel we let the previous manager down.  We were in a really bad rut.  We had some really bad results and poor performances.   I feel that we needed to look at ourselves in the mirror as you can't always blame previous managers or other factors.'

'We have started to press as a team.  We were also really low on confidence, which is changing.'  Gilbey said that he had to see a specialist in London to sort his breathing out after he returned to training from Covid.

Gilbey said that he wanted Johnnie Jackson to be made permanent manager: 'The lads want, and are doing everything they can, to get Johnnie the job.  Everyone here thinks the world of him.  Obviously the fans do as well.  Since he came in, I feel we have gone back to basics, which is really good for the group.'

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