Wednesday 5 January 2022

The charge sheet against Norwich

VOTV editor Rick Everitt looks at the history of Charlton's encounters with Norwich City and how they have influenced our current fate:

An unfortunate 0-1 home defeat to the Canaries in a game we had dominated effectively ended our chances of automatic promotion to the Championship in 2010 and we then failed in the play offs.

The Rickster writes: 'Failure to return to the Championship in 2010 caused the old board of directors, led by Richard Murray, to disintegrate. It had been badly split since early 2008, when Derek Chappell removed Murray from the chair of the plc with the unanimous support of his colleagues, which also led to the resignation of chief executive Peter Varney.'

'However, in 2009, the directors, including Murray, had clubbed together to inject £7m in one last effort at stabilising the club. Many of them were barely on speaking terms with him by then, but after the play-off defeat of 2010 the money, and patience, had run out. They all wrote off the rest of their debts, together with the notional value of shares held by fans, and left Murray to sell the club on, which he did on December 31st to Tony Jimenez and Michael Slater, although it turned out to be a bit more complicated than that.'

'All of the ownership travails of the last decade follow from that sale.'

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