Thursday 3 March 2022

Jackson will stay at the wheel says Sandgaard

Thomas Sandgaard has claimed that Charlton have the third largest budget in League One:

He also claims that Charlton are aiming for a top two finish next season and that Johnnie Jackson remains part of his plans which will disappoint those fans who have been calling for the manager's head:

Sandgaard's claims have been greeted with scepticism by some fans who say they have heard it all before. It is also being said that Sandgaard is now telling people how badly the club was run when it was in the Premier League, based on the operating losses.  It is questionable whether he can have a useful opinion given he wasn’t around at the time. He seems to have taken on board certain things from Roland about how the latter was let down by the staff, but of course they were Roland’s staff.

Having said that, he is the owner and we are unlikely to get a new one - even Chelsea may not find that easy.   I always feel constrained about criticising owners when all I put in to the club is a season ticket and a Valley Gold subscription.   Actually I have put some money into my non-league club because at that level a few K can make a real difference.

Some perspective is needed on ownership issues,  Although it now seems a long time ago we had the spivs  who wanted to sell The Valley and move to a soulless stadium on the Greenwich Peninsula.   [Ed - entrepreneurial owners with a strategic vision].  We then had Roland who hollowed out the club.  They were followed by East Street Investments who admittedly brought a new class of vehicle to the West Stand car park, but attracted the opprobrium of fans despite their unique entrepreneurial qualities.

I know some fans say it is a ridiculous argument to say that we should be glad to have a club, but it was in real jeopardy and may still be.   I would rather play in the National League than disappear altogether.

I think that TS is a classic example of someone who has been successful in business thinking that they can apply those skills in football which is a unique sector of the economy and society.   Any person with money would be best advised to stay away because you will turn a large fortune into a small one and get a lot of grief along the way.

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