Tuesday 31 July 2007

In Pards I trust

If you go to the CAFC picks site Picks you can see the points forecasts made by a number of Charlton fans for the season, including the editor of this blog writes Paul May.

If this lot are typical, our hopes are high for the season. One of the lower forecasts is from defrocked pitch announcer Brian Cole who gives it soixante-neuf.
Steve Brown warned us at the end of last season about excessive expectations and if we don't hit the ground running, the club may be in for a rocky ride from fans.

I'm in the optimistic camp. OK, a lot of our players are still largely unknown quantities and how they will knit together as a team remains to be seen. Whether Marcus Bent can bestir himself to perform at a lower level remains a mystery wrapped in a riddle or whatever.

My optimism stems from my belief in Pards. I think that he is a first class manager who is better than Curbs in many respects. He has the right blend of coolness and enthusiasm. I think that he knows how to make a collection of players into a team. And I think that he will deliver promotion for us.

Unfortunately I can't make the Braga game as it is a mate's wedding, but I am sure the dress rehearsal will show our potential. Come on you Reds!

Monday 30 July 2007

Addicks scout to benefit from Shots game

When Charlton visit Aldershot on Wednesday night, the main beneficiary will be local legend Paul Shrubb who has been a scout for the Addicks for the past six years writes Erith Addick Paul May. It will be the 51-year old's benefit match. He has his birthday on the match night, having played for Shots in the Football League for five years up to 1987 and then returning to the newly-formed Aldershot Town as player-coach and assistant manager from 1992 to 1997.

Sadly, Paul has motor neurone disease for which there is no known cure. It has affected a number of footballers over the age of fifty. Puts your own problems in perspective.

Russell opts for Norwich

Alan Pardew is known to be an admirer of Stoke midfielder Darel Russell and is thought to have made a move for him over the summer writes Paul May. However, the 26-year old has opted to go to Norwich in a £600,000 deal. The lure of returning to his old club was too strong for the former Canary.

Sunday 29 July 2007

Former keeper's American nightmare

This story about former Addicks keeper Mike Ammann appeared in the Independent today:

Sitting outside Hitachi Data Systems' Washington DC office, the former Charlton goalkeeper Michael Ammann cuts a striking figure. Broad, handsome and in possession of a winning smile, he looks like a successful multinational corporate executive, but beneath broods a justifiably discontented ex-footballer.

Corporate life has moments of reflection, when workers muse on what might have been. These episodes usually end with the reality that they were not good enough. Unlike the dreamers, Ammann was good enough.

In his last year of college, Charlton Athletic invited him for a trial. Ammann, a Californian, arrived at the Addicks in 1994, and two solid seasons at The Valley in the English second tier prompted Alan Curbishley to offer him new terms. However, the then 25-year-old turned down a potential future in the Premiership for the supposed promise of MLS and Kansas City Wiz.

While happy with his decision, at the time, although "had I seen what a tremendous manager he was I would have stayed", Ammann soon realised MLS was not English football. The former US B international set records and became an All-Star, but MLSlife started to turn sour in 2000. The Bundesliga side Energie Cottbus approached his club at that time, New York MetroStars, about his services, but they blocked his return to Europe.

A few months later he was traded to Washington DC, and inside a year the All-Star was paralysed and without a job. During 2001, Ammann began to feel pain in his arms. He agreed to have a routine operation, but what transpired proved to be a true horror story, a million miles from the box-office sheen of Brand Beckham.

Ammann describes how his career ended. "I had surgery on my arms and immediately there were problems. The doctor told me all was fine, but I returned worse, so he wanted to go back in. [Now] I threw a flag up, as it was his first operation of this kind. I then saw specialists, who found my nerve was pinched at a right angle. Had I got treated within a month of my first surgery it could have been corrected."

Ammann was left with a claw-hand deformity and no feeling in his arms and elbows. His malpractice suit was successful,but his award left him owing his lawyers $90,000 (£44,000). Forced to retire, Ammann received no Disney-style farewell. After a series of rows with the DC United management, he was "blackballed" and never returned to the club.

His plight presents a stark contrast to David Beckham's arrival, and a dose of the reality of US football. The average salary is £25,000, which would be scoffed at by any top-level player in England. Having walked away from potential Premiership riches, Ammann earned during his entire MLS career what Beckham is reported to make in three days.

However, Ammann feels fortunate. With a college education, he got a well-paying corporate job, but he remains frustrated by the reality for most MLS players: "It's frightening how some are treated; players skip college for £6,000 contracts. They could make more flipping burgers."

I met Mike Ammann once and I thought he was a decent guy. I was sorry to read how things have turned out. Have a good one, Paul.

Saturday 28 July 2007

Addicks sizzle as Gills fizzle

I would have needed some very good excuse not to make the short hop from Erith to Gillingham and I was well pleased that I did, writes Paul May. I saw the Addicks demolish the Gills 5-0, Simon Royce being in goal for the home side. OK, it's only a practice game against League 1 opposition, but there were a lot of positives to take away from the game.

Darren Ambrose had a particularly good game, scoring two of the goals. In fact I don't think I've seen him play better. Andy Reid was the midfield general we all think he is and played his part in the first four goals.

Todorov got his first goal for the Addicks, the other goals coming from a Thomas penalty and an own goal. Incidentally, Toddy showed a welcome ability to hold up the ball, creating the opportunity for the first Ambrose strike. Big Chris was the other player up front, apparently all our other strikers have minor niggles.

Jose Semedo had a first rate game in a defensive midfield role as did Yassin Moutaouakil (he had a bit of handbags with one of the Gillingham players and was subbed soon afterwards, Pards reading him the riot act). Magic and Diawara looked very solid in central defence. Thatcher was on the left and was competent enough, but Chris Powell was there on the bench if needed, being brought on to replace Semedo on 61 minutes.

Weaver wasn't troubled too much in the Charlton goal, apart from one effort towards the end, but did what he had to do well enough. Holland, Fortune, Sinclair and Faye also came on as substitutes, there having been some speculation about the latter's whereabouts and fate.

There was a bit of talk about another two players leaving, Fortune could be one, the other name that came up was Marcus Bent, but too much should not be read into his absence today as he has been injured.

Well worth the missed boozing time and I'll make up for it with a few celebratory sherbets tonight. But the big night out will be after Scunny!

Ivy ready for the season

Championship match analyst Ivy the Terrible is making her final preparations for the season. Although a paw pad injury temporarily curtailed her training walks, and flooding and strong currents has meant a ban on swimming in the River Avon, the Belgian Shepherd is fighting fit and full of optimism for the new season.

We are about to go off for a holiday in the Azores, returning the day before the Scunthorpe match. Ivy will be spending the period with senior match analyst Hooch the Pooch undertaking a final period of intensive work on fitness, rules of the game and club history at his canalside home in Long Itchington.

Erith Addick Paul may bestir himself to make the occasional posting while I am away.

Friday 27 July 2007

Mullins rumours persist

Hayden Mullins is a long term target for Pard's and he has been chasing his former player all summer. Rumours persist that a deal will happen sometime next week for £1.5m. The Irons have already identified his instant replacement in Newcastle's Kieron Dyer who can't wait to get away.

I hope we do sign Mullins as I think it would complete the jigsaw.

Thursday 26 July 2007

Sinclair, McLeod in, Walton out

Pards is set to make Dean Sinclair his latest summer capture after the ex-Barnet midfielder’s impressive trial spell at the club. The 22-year-old has done well since linking up with the Addicks, who took him on their pre-season training camp to Spain.

The Addicks are confident of hammering out a deal for Sinclair. His Barnet contract ended this summer but the League Two side are still entitled to compensation because Sinclair is under the age of 24. But Charlton expect to snap up the former Norwich trainee for around £100,000.

Normally reliable sources are reporting MK Dons striker Izale McLeod has his heart set on a move to the Addicks. Leicester and West Brom have also been linked with the 22-year-old, who hit 24 goals in League Two last season. But McLeod is hoping Pards brings him to The Valley. The former Derby man is expected to cost around £1.5million.

Unconfirmed reports suggesting that Simon Walton is on his way to QPR with the Super Hoops perhaps prepared to pay £250k. He has never appeared in a Charlton shirt in a competitive match and does not seem to have impressed Pards. Given his talent for getting sent off, he is no great loss.

Marbella match report

Addick J P Mooney has written a good report on the Marbella game which he attended. He posted it on the Charlton list run by Glynne Jones but it is reproduced here for non-listers:

Ambrose and Reid were head and shoulders the best players in terms of going forward and when Diawara came on things looked better at the back. Of the new players, Christensen looked busy but struggled to make an impact. Moutaouakil looked like he fitted in well but had a lot of communication problems. Sinclair tried hard but was lacking in his first touch. He got through so much work and broke things down. Semedo played the holding role and did it with no fuss. Weaver looked solid but is not a footballer, struggled with the back pass. Iwelumo was strong and good in the air but is obviouslylacking in talent on the floor. He missed a sitter in the second half. I think the crowd will have to expect him to miss a few! [Let's hope he's not the new Lisbie!]Todorov came on and put a great ball through to Dickson. Dickson looked the part I must say. he took his goal really well although he had to cut back onto his right foot after taking the ball around the keeper. He still had the time in all honesty. Interesting that all the players not involved(McCarthy,Elliot,Randolph,Thatcher) all sat on the bench with the coaching staff. Jerome Thomas did not get changed and was sitting the other side of the stadium. Maybe he was injured. No sign of Marcus Bent. [He is at the training ground]

I thought the interesting bit was the crowds reaction to Dickson's goal. There were monkey chants and some choice language from the Marbella fans. You did not have to be fluent to understand what they were saying. Dickson ran straight over to the section and pointed to himself as they were doing it. The other bit was the amount of beer the Charlton fans consumed at the game. I think they drunk the ground dry!!
Anyway a good night and beautiful weather.

Wednesday 25 July 2007

Robert Lee arrested

Valley hero Robert Lee has been arrested in connection with a taking and driving away incident involvement a Merecedes limousine. He has been bailed to return in mid-September:

Tuesday 24 July 2007

Blues in for Zheng Zhi

Birmingham have joined the race to sign China captain Zheng Zhi who was on loan at The Valley last season. Zhi returned to Shandong Luneng after the Addicks were relegated from the Premiership, but he has been linked with returns to England ever since and it seems the 26-year-old is interesting the Blues especially.

The Blues have recently had Hong Kong businessman Carson Yeung become their leading shareholder and he has made no secret of his intention to make connections between Birmingham and the Far East.

Sources close to St.Andrews denied reports that Zhi would be provided with a dialect coach as part of the deal: 'The local accent is no more divergent than Chinese regional dialects and is certainly more comprehensible than the Black Country dialect.'

Sunday 22 July 2007

Your Sunday rumour

32 year old Nice midfielder Cyril Rool has been linked with Charlton. He has done the rounds of French clubs, Lens being one of his former side, along with Monaco. Has the worse disiplinary record in the history of French football but it's believed (by whom?)his physical style is more suited to the English game. Even in the Championship, not every player is a clogger.

The Canaries are also interested. He must be pretty desperate if he wants to leave Nice for Norwich.

These rumours provide fillers for Sunday journos. Some of them are more plausible than others, but I would give this one 2/10.

Charlton win in Spain

Charlton won their friendly in Spain 3-0 last night, Jerome Thomas scoring two penalties with the other goal coming from Christensen. There is no confirmation of this on the official site yet, but the 2nd XI won 4-0 against Essex Senior League champions Brentwood.

Saturday 21 July 2007

Knitters match unravels

This afternoon's friendly between Hinckley United and Leamington has been called off due to a waterlogged pitch. Rain is continuing to fall in the West Midlands and a state of emergency has been declared in Stratford upon Avon which is effectively cut off. Makes me pleased I live on top of a hill and that we have two automatic pumps installed in the basement, one as a back up if the mains electricity fails.

Charlton chase Thompson

Charlton are one of four Championship clubs chasing former Blackburn midfielder David Thompson after he was released by Bolton Wanderers. Plymouth Argyle seem to be the favourites at the moment, but Norwich and Stoke City are also in the frame.

The former England international is very injury prone which is often an attraction for Charlton, although in his case the record is so bad that the club may insist of some kind of 'get out' clause.

Nothing more has been heard about a possible Hayden Mullins deal. His wages would be high, but I think that he would give us what we need.

Friday 20 July 2007

The final clearout

Luke Young has gone to Middlesbrough for £2.5m, not the price we were looking for, but decent enough. The initial reaction to him by the Addickted on a tour of Sweden and Finland was 'lukewarm', but he made his way into the England squad and we have had good value out of him.

Romm has got his wish and has gone to Ajax for €1m (about £680,000). Nice to get some cash for him, because we haven't got much else about him apart from a winning goal at Palace.

Lisbie may go to Layer Road

Colchester United are to run the rule over Ken Lisbie in a friendly against Heybridge Swifts tomorrow. Someone remarked that should he join the U's he will probably score his next hat trick against us.

Sufficient funds have been found to allow the women's academy and school of excellence to continue, but no sponsorship has yet been found for the first team.

What is the fate of Simon Walton?

Left off the plane for Spain, he featured in the Charlton Athletic XI that fought out a 0-0 draw with Whyteleafe.

When he came to Charlton, he was immediately loaned out, presumably because he was not the finished article. He presumably is still not the finished article and has gained a reputation for being sent off.

What it does mean is that we still lack any strength in depth in central midfield as the New York Addick has humorously pointed out.

Knitters pose tough test for Brakes

Leamington supporters will be heading across the county border into Leicestershire tomorrow for a tough test against Conference North side Hinckley United (formed some years ago from a merger of two non-league clubs in the town). The Knitters are an ambitious side who will be moving to a new ground in October. Brakes put on a rather poor performance against a spirited Southam United side on Tuesday.

We expect to be the only Charlton blog covering this match.

Thursday 19 July 2007

Happy Birthday Pards

Alan Pardew is 46 today. May his next birthday be celebrated preparing for the Premiership.

Pards is under no illusions about the task ahead. He told the club's E mail bulletin, 'These players are not Premiership players any more; they are Championship players. That's the point - that they no longer have that tag - that needs to be driven home by my staff and I.'

'If they want that tag again then we have to get out of this division so we will be on an even keel with everyone else, that's how it starts. I know the bookies have us as favourites but I don't see their logic; after 10 games we'll know who the favourite is.'

No alcohol ban in Spain

Charlton flew to Spain yesterday for their training trip and Pards confirmed that there will be no blanket alcohol ban:

Wednesday 18 July 2007

Grant Who?

A Bee has contacted me for information about left back Grant Basey whom they have signed on loan from Charlton: Basey

I am afraid I had nothing to tell him, although I think that he may have played in the 2nd XI fixture against Heybridge Swifts.

No doubt Basey will benefit from the loan experience, although too often such players end up playing for League 2 sides permanently.

Your rumours today

Charlton want to sign Spurs misfit Danny Murphy, claims the Daily Mirage. Well, I suppose that we do need a creative midfielder, but not this one, unless he has changed his attitude (and his wife as well, for that matter, although she no longer writes in The Times).

Various sources are reporting that Charlton are closing in on a £1.5m deal for MK Dons striker Izale McLeod -with Leicester also interested. The question is, why another striker unless Marcus Bent is off, which seems unlikely. It seems that Chris Dickson will be loaned out, possibly to Gillingham, to make him the finished article.

Middlesbrough and Manchester City are in the running for Charlton's £3m-rated defender Luke Young, preusmably with Aston Villa now having pulled out. We just take the best offer we can get.

The Daily Express reports that the Addicks will offload former Chelsea and Millwall midfielder Jody Morris who has now been implicated in the death of Princess Diana. That's not true, of course, but he is not ours to offload. But I for one will be relieved if he does not pull on the shirt.

Farewell to faithful servants

The club has announced twenty-eight depatures on the official website, many of them familiar figures at The Valley and Sparrows Lane. For example, I have had a lot of contact with Terrie Kennor over the years and always found her very helpful.

Peter Varney notes on the website that a lot of the focus has been on the axeing of the women's team. However, that has resonated way outside Charlton. I was approached by someone at Southam United's ground last night who said that it was against everything Charlton stood for.

Having said that, a Southampton supporter told me the other day that the women's team was the first thing to go when they went down. Clearly, the club has had to make some drastic economies which reflect profligate spending last season on players who weren't worth what was spent on them.

Hopefully, better times now lie ahead.

Sluggish Brakes win on penalties

As we sat in the long queue of cars waiting to leave Banbury Road last night, Leamington chairman Mick Brady walked along bearing the Friendship Cup aloft. Brakes have now won it three times in a row but it took a 5-4 penalty shoot out to win it after Southam United held them to a 1-1 draw at full time.

Brakes started brightly enough and first half goalkeeper Richard Morris barely touched the ball in the first ten minutes. But then Saints came into the game more, while Leamington had difficulty in penetrating their doughty defence despite some inspired runs by Josh Blake.

Southam had already played two practice matches and the difference showed. Brakes were often sluggish, lacking fluidity despite the occasional nice touch or pinpoint pass. All too often they lost their shape and the defence looked suspect. Cadzy was not in evidence on the bench (someone suggested he was changing a nappy) with Darren Tank barking orders, assisted by Morton Titterton in his new coaching role and Keith Orme.

It was very much a practice match and plenty of changes were made in the line up to give players a chance. The inevitable happened in the second half when Southam went ahead from a header. It took a penalty from Josh Blake after Clunesie had been brought down to level the score and even then he had to put the ball in from the rebound.

Debutante goalkeeper Chris Gibson saved one of the penalties to give Brakes the victory, but there is clearly a lot of work to do.

Tuesday 17 July 2007

Ben Sahar to join QPR

It looks as if young Israeli striker Ben Sahar is to join the Super Hoops on loan from Chelsea. He apparently thinks he will get more first team opportunities at Loftus Road than at The Valley.

One senses that Pards does not think this is a devastating blow and neither do I.

Faye transfer forms part of police probe

Amdy Faye's transfer forms part of the police probe into corruption in football, it is claimed - but not his transfer to Charlton. So there is no risk of Peter Varney being led away from the Valley in handcuffs.

The Times reports, 'attention is likely to focus on the move of Amdy Faye from Fratton Park to Newcastle for £2 million in January 2005. Redknapp signed the Senegal midfield player from Auxerre in summer 2003 after playing him under an assumed name in a friendly, and he was hailed as a new Patrick Vieira as he proved a capable ball-winner during the club’s maiden Premiership season. However, he was allowed to leave after Redknapp’s departure, but he failed to live up to his early reputation after his move to the North East. He subsequently joined Charlton Athletic.'

If anyone did describe him as the new Patrick Viera, there may be grounds for an investigation into fraudulent misrepresentation.

Varney injured

Charlton have taken their first injury blow of the season. Luke Varney has suffered an ankle injury in a friendly for Charlton against Chelsea. The former Quorn player turned his ankle in the match at Chelsea`s Cobham training ground. He had already scored in the closed doors match against Chelsea.

Varney 24, now faces a spell on the sidelines and faces a race against time to be fit for Charlton's opening league game against the Iron at the Valley on August 11th. He will now miss Charlton`s pre-season tour to Spain as he begins his recuperation from injury, aided by the medical team at Sparrows Lane.

With Varney not travelling with the squad to Spain he may make an appearance at Sutton Park, Quorn on Wednesday to watch his previous teams Crewe and Quorn play in a pre-season friendly.

Competition for No.1 spot

The West Stand at Banbury Road

While there may be competition at Charlton between Nicky Weaver and Darren Randolph for the role of goalkeeper, it is nothing compared with the competition at Harbury Lane after Leamington signed Chris Gibson. He will compete with established keeper Richard Morris, an ex Sky Blues trainee, for the No.1 shirt.

Gibson is the son of Colin Gibson who played for Villa and Manchester United. He started his career at the Baggies and Mansfield Town and later played for Tamworth in the Conference.

Brakes are hoping to win the Friendship Cup for the third time in a row at Banbury Road, but Southam United are well up for this needle fixture. If Richard Morris does play in goal, he is unlikely to get the chance of scoring from the penalty spot as he did in a 6-1 defeat of the Saints a few years back.

Monday 16 July 2007

Romm may be on way to Spain after all

Charlton midfielder Dennis Rommedahl is set to move to Spanish club Getafe, according to his agent. The Danish international is in talks with the club managed by compatriot Michael Laudrup.

Romm has been linked with a move to Auxerre, Rennes and Galatasaray following the Addicks' relegation from the Premiership, but said that his own preference was for the flat landscapes of Holland.

His agent Soren Lerby said the player wants to move from Alan Pardew's side. 'We are working on the matter,' he said. 'The clubs have to reach an agreement first, before we can negotiate Rommedahl's personal terms.' So we may get a bit of dosh.

On a day when Pompey, Rangers and Newcastle have been raided by the City of London Police Economic Crime Unit, all remains calm at The Valley.

Young on offer at bargain price

Luke Young is now on offer at a bargain price of £2.7m according to The Independent (and other reports suggest a figure as low as £2.5m):

As far as Darren Bent was concerned, the club stuck out for its relatively high valuation, but then Bent was a hotter property and we are now nearing the start of the season so the 'everything must go' tags are coming out, although not on Marcus Bent.

The report claims that Pards is minded to spend some of the money obtained for Young on D J Campbell. I know that we are now becoming a club favouring players who have enjoyed a 'meteoric' rise from the non-league, but this particular player showed early signs of burnout in my view.

Talking of the non-league, don't forget we will be the only Charlton blog reporting on whether Leamington are able to win the Friendship Cup from Southam United for the third time in a row tomorrow night.

Sunday 15 July 2007

Fate of women's team

Little more has been heard on this subject, but a balanced piece in the Telegraph suggests that it might be possible to keep it going for £28,000 a year (it's the second story so scroll down):

Saturday 14 July 2007

Thomas to stay, Romm still here

Pards has revealed his determination to keep winger Jerome Thomas at Charlton. Manchester City and Birmingham are both being linked with the talented but sometimes sulky player.

But Addicks Pards believes that Thomas and Andy Reid, whose first season at Charlton was badly disrupted by injuries, have big parts to play as the club strives for promotion. 'I definitely want to keep Jerome Thomas here - he's got a key role to play,' said Pardew. 'He and Andy Reid are going to be real quality in this division. Andy played one game for me last season and was a massive miss in terms of trying to stay in the Premier League. That's more or less two years he's had out of the game and he's very motivated to do well."

Boro and Portsmouth are still chasing Luke Young with the club trying to hold out for its price tag of £4.5m.

But claims that fleet of foot Dennis Rommedahl is on the verge of joining Getafe are incorrect according to normally reliable sources. The Dane has been the subject of interest from French and Spanish sides, but appears to favour a switch to Holland. Presumably the flat surfaces will help him to develop his sprint time and he can practice crossing across the canals.

Charlton have been linked with a move for Norwich midfielder Youssef Safri, but reliable sources indicate that the Moroccan is not the midfielder that Pards is targetting. Could Mullins still be in the frame? I hope so.

Friday 13 July 2007

This brings relegation home

A number of things bring the reality of relegation home. Being removed from the Premiership pages of Sky Sports and BBC Sport. No longer featuring very much in the sports pages of the press, certainly not in detailed pre-season previews.

However, the news that next season the reserves will be playing in the Pontin's Holiday Combination Central is another nail in the coffin. What is more, their first fixture will be away to Leyton Orient on a Tuesday afternoon.

Until last season relegated teams were allowed to carry on in the Premiership reserve competition for another two seasons after they went down, no doubt in the anticipation that they might soon be back anyway.

Home reserve games will continue to be played at the re-branded 'Ebbsfleet United' which is a bit of a trek for reserve devotees from the heartland area.

Look for cheap flights to Malaga

Some of the Addickted were disappointed that Charlton's two friendlies in Spain were going to be behind closed doors, although one can understand why managers want to try out new players and combinations without hearing bellowed remarks from fans. I must say that I am also a bit sceptical about how much pre-season games really tell us. Scoring against Welling is not of itself sufficient to convince me that Varney and Dickson are the finished article.

Anyway, for those who enjoy pre-season games, particularly abroad (and they can be fun), the Addickted have been given a new opportunity according to the club's E mail bulletin.

Charlton depart next Wednesday for a week-long training camp in Spain - and Addicks fans now have the opportunity to watch one of the two matches that have been arranged by manager Alan Pardew.

Although the first friendly against Malaga on Saturday, July 21st will be behind closed doors at the training ground of the Spanish club, the second fixture against Marbella will now be open to the public. The game has been scheduled to kick off at 9pm on Tuesday, July 24th, and although ticket prices have yet to be fixed, they are only expected to cost a few Euros. The address of Estadio Municipal is Avenida Ricardo Lucena Sola, 29600 Marbella.

Pards said: 'The idea behind the trip to Spain is that it will enable us to spend more time together and more time on the training ground. We'll be able to walk out of the hotel and straight on to the training ground and that time together will allow us to create the bond and spirit that we'll need for the coming season.'

Luke Young on his way?

Looks like Luke Young is on his way for £4.5m to Aston Villa which is a decent price, particularly considering that he was once seen as 'lukewarm'.

Only question mark now is over Jerome Thomas. Let's hope that if he stays he turns up when he plays.

Thursday 12 July 2007

Jody Morris main talking point

I wasn't either at Welling or Tooting and Mitcham last night, and I don't have as strong a geographical excuse as the Chicago Addick, but a short summary report is here: Welling

The main talking point among the Addickted seems to be Jody Morris, not so much in terms of the footballing skills of the former Spanner, but his bad boy image. He does seem to have a bit of previous, to put it mildly: Record

Perhaps Charlton with its 'family' image can help him to turn over a new leaf. However, it is a worrying history and I am far from convinced that he is an outstanding acquisition from a football point of view.

Monday 2 July 2007

Ben Sahar brought in on loan from Chelsea

Young Israeli striker Ben Sahar has been brought in on loan from Chelsea: