Tuesday 28 May 2019

The end of despair

Ramsgate fan and Voice of the Valley editor Rick Everitt can be a bit of a glass half empty guy. That is understandable enough where Charlton are concerned. But the Rickster seems to be in a hopeful mind following our win at Wembley. He regards it as the defeat of despair and the start of a new chapter in the Charlton story: Addicks beat more than Sunderland

The Rickster points out that it was safe enough for the Duke of Cambridge to come to yesterday's Championship play off final whilst it was too insecure for Charlton owner Roland Duchatelet to come on Sunday. However, Prince William is at least a dedicated fan of his club who displays some emotion whereas the barmy Belgian regards it as a business venture worth at best two per cent of his time.

This story notes that a variety of celebrities are Villa supporters and explains why Prince William is, given that he doesn't come from Birmingham: Royal supporter

Oddly the list does not include famous economist John Maynard Keynes who wrote an evocative account of an early 20th century match and the time in the pub afterwards (which I think he enjoyed more). Curiously, he also had a great loathing for Ramsgate, something on which he wrote at some length.

Some posts will now appear on this page as well as Addick's Third Division Diary.

Saturday 25 May 2019

The greatest play off final

BBC Sport has an in depth feature on our last contest with Sunderland at Wembley, including interviews with Sasa Ilic, Steve Brown and the often forgotten Mark Bowen. Relive the day if you were there or learn about it if you were too young to attend: Remembering that day

Later I must get my 1998 top ready for tomorrow.

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