Sunday, 4 May 2008

Addicks end season on high note

Charlton ended a disappointing season on a high note at The Valley today when they trounced Coventry City 4-1 at The Valley. If Leicester had been able to score against Stoke, the result could have meant relegation for the Sky Blues.

Luke Varney opened the scoring with an early goal from a lob with Bougherra as provider. Andy Gray made it 2-1, but then Coventry got back in the match with a 20 yard strike from the Mosquito.

Three minutes after the break Grant Basey celebrated his new contract by making it 3-1. A cross from Halford gave Varney a chance to make it 4-1 and a goal from Best was disallowed from Coventry. The Sky Blues tried to press forward as the pattern of results from elsewhere filtered through, but the Charlton defence held firm.

Then Chris Powell came on and a long throw from Halford allowed him to make it 4-1, scoring what must be his last ever goal at The Valley.

The gaps in the crowd reflected the mood of the Addickted. However, only one of the relegated teams (Watford) even made the play offs and then only just (by a goal difference of one). Charlton were predicted go straight back up but that always struck me as lazy journalism of the 'what goes down must come up' variety.

Elsewhere Crystal Palace defeated ten man Burnley 5-0 to secure their play off place.

What is striking about Charlton's record is that they conceded 29 goals at home. Only the two bottom teams had a worse record at home.


Anonymous said...

Given we had nothing to play for our gate was pretty special - 3000 more than Palarse who had a play off in prospect.

The build up to the second goal was sublime - can't wait to see it on the box tonight.

There was a lot of very positive stuff to come out of the game - I'm already dreaming and hoping for next season. Best of all, no booing..

The lap of "honour" was interesting. In the circumstances the crowd applause could be considered generous - but I'm pleased we did it as I think it helps build bonds for next season. Sure I'm reading too much into it, but Youga seemed very disinterested - wonder if he's on his way.

Pembury Addick

Johnny73 said...

Interesting comments from Pards after the game, about us needing 3 or 4 new players who can perform under pressure. From my perspective he was the one who kept the pressure on them throughout the season with his constant talk of promotion. Clean slate now though. I hope next season the most comment quote taken from the book of media management is 'let's take it one game at a time'.

Anonymous said...

I didn't attend yesterday, i had better things to do (like tiling the kitchen, mowing the grass, digging a patch for me runner beans, and sitting in the sun with a cool beer) So i don't know how good it was (or not) The one regret i have, is, not seeing Chris Powell's last appearance and goal!!
He is truly a legend and i hope to see him back at The Valley some day in some capacity.
'Anonymous' crows about the attendance, as i have said on many previous occasions, the attendance figures at Charlton are the stuff of fantasy. 26,000+ 'ballcocks'!!
i watched some in-match reports from the ground on Sky(between tiling and mowing)the gaps in the stands were there for all to see. 18,000 season ticket holders were NOT present.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous has a name. If you can't see it Daggs no wonder you saw gaps in the crowd that I didn't - and I was there.

I'm sure that all season ticket holders weren't there. But without counting I think most were. I have a very slight suspicion that other clubs might use the same basis for gate counts as us don't you? So a comparison with the likes of Palarse might be valid.

Pembury Addick

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, whoops!!!!Pembury Addick.
I apologise i do indeed see your name there, at the bottom. Though for some reason most of us have our name at the top!
However your sarcasm cannot conceal the FACT that 18,000 ST holders were not there. The gaps were plain to see on TV and indeed other blog writers have commented on them. See 'Drinking during the Game' blog for instance.
The point i make is simply this: When CAFC claim an attendance of 26,000+ for that game, they are lying.
Including ST's that may be the tickets 'sold' for the game, but attendance is a very different thing.
As for other clubs' using the same system, i have no idea if they do or don't. But the fact Charlton do is an embarrasment.

Anonymous said...

You are right Daggs. They are lying and an embarrasment. It's a FACT; you and Drinking say so, thus it must be.

Shall we start booing right now?

Pembury Addick

Wyn Grant said...

All clubs calculate attendances on the basis of seats sold (including season tickets). The reason for that is that it wouldn't be worth the time and effort to make an accurate count of who is there. There is no doubt, however, that attendance was depleted on Sunday. The key question now is how many season ticket holders renew.

Anonymous said...

I think Daggs will find that 39,000 (and rising) were there to see Chris Powell's goal of the season.

Wyn Grant said...

Like all the people who saw the 7-6 win. I have to admit that we were Christmas shopping in Woolwich! But I have the sweatshirt and it attracts a lot of interest abroad.

Chicago Addick said...

I was there, and at the Huddersfield game, plus one of the 800 at the Full Members cup game at Selhurst and the 1947 FA Cup final.....

Wyn Grant said...

Were you there when Leaburn scored abroad?