Wednesday, 7 May 2008

No room for Powell

Financial stringency means that there is no room for Chris Powell at the Valley. Alan Pardew told the club's E mail bulletin: 'The reason he's had that cameo appearance is because, in all honestly, I can't afford to keep him on. I'd love to keep him in a coaching capacity but I haven't really got any funds for that.'

'So this is a new start for Chris, he might have another year playing. I think he'll bring something to any team but coaching is where his future lies. f I was a manager further down the leagues and looking for a coach who could double up as a player then he would be the first on my list.'

I hope that if Chris does develop coaching experience elsewhere that one days he returns to The Valley in some kind of coaching role. He could even be a candidate for manager in the future. I am sure that most of the Addickted would welcome him in that role once he had the necessary experience.

I am currently in Aberdeen and used my Charlton kit bag as it is a convenient form of cabin baggage. When I went out to dinner last night, one local (a Gooner, as you are in Aberdeen) commented that I must have grown up in the Charlton area, because there were relatively few people who developed an allegiance to the club for any other reason!


Kings Hill Addick said...

I didn't grow up in the Charlton area, so that shows what he knows!

Anonymous said...

Grew up in Woolwich. Which is probably close enough to fit the stereotype.

Parents bought me an Arsenal kit bag when I was nine. It didn't work. Possibly i had a subconscious need for suffering.

Anonymous said...

Grew up and still live in N.Ireland. Long story about how I became an Addick. Surely a role can be found for Chris P. He is what following Charlton is all about...