Friday, 18 February 2011

Bring on the Grecians

The Exeter perspective on tomorrow's match is to be found here: Grecians

Some suggestions for success tomorrow:
1. Keep the ball on the ground as much as possible. We can't reach the standards of Arsenal v, Barcelona, but we can try a passing game.
2. Midfield should not go awol but should try and provide service to the forwards.
3. Try and defend at set pieces, it's when we're most vulnerable. Hartlepool got one corner on Tuesday and scored from it.
4. The defence should try not to panic when they see balls coming into the box. Don't hoof them away, try and pass to a Charlton player.
5. Try and start the game with an upbeat tempo.

Wet weather will not make for ideal playing conditions, but I am going for 2-1 to the Addicks.


The Exile said...

Quick heads up. Your Grecians link goes to a Southend story and a winding up petition.

Wyn Grant said...

Thanks, now corrected.