Monday, 28 February 2011

Carlisle striker's theatrics

Those going to The Valley tomorrow night to see Charlton play Carlisle United may be in for another display of hoofball, but they can expect some theatrics from Carlisle striker Francois Zoko: Zoko

Charlton will be eager to end their losing run and get back in play off contention, but the lack of creativity in midfield remains a worry. For my money, Semedo does his job as a defensive midfielder well. He may not have the class of his Premiership equivalents, but he is good enough at this level. Similarly, Jackson has an ability to suddenly appear in the box and score.

Of the rest, Racon shows flashes of quality, but they happen too infrequently. He is, however, better than McCormack. I am never clear what he thinks he is doing in the game. Reid was welcomed when he joined the ranks, but his pace is offset by the lack of a final product. Wagstaff can sometimes deliver goals and assists, but all too infrequently.

Last year we had Bailey, a genuine box-to-box player, if somewhat petulant; Shelvey, although we didn't see that much of him; and Sam who, although mercurial and inconsistent, could sometimes deliver.

We badly need a creative midfield playmaker who can help us control the game.

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