Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Believe It - Or Not!

'Three goals - I can't believe it' declared mouthy Banbury player Simeon Williams as Leamington beat Banbury United 3-1 at the New Windmill Ground tonight. Rebuked by the referee for his constant complaints, Williams declared towards the end of the match (in language probably not heard in Cromwell's day) that the Puritans' performance was '****ing ****'.

In fact the Puritans showed that they can be quite a decent footballing side and certainly asked some questions of Leamington. They also showed real pace, a contrast with Cirencester last Saturday who fielded a 51-year old and a 43-year old.

A well-taken free kick from Stephan Morley (surely but sadly destined for higher things) saw Brakes go ahead through a Liam Daly header on three minutes. Then on 30 minutes the referee awarded the Puritans a penalty with Ricky Johnson scoring.

But within three minutes Brakes were ahead again after Jacob Blyth broke well in front of goal to seize a scoring opportunity.

Half time: Brakes 2, Puritans 1

A Morley free kick saw Brakes hit the post. Banbury then created a period of sustained pressure, but Brakes were able to hold out. Leamington then tested Banbury with a great shot from Lee Chilton which the keeper put out for a corner.

It was announced that a bucket collection for injured player Richard Batchelor had raised £267.

On 89 minutes, with the keeper advancing out of his goal, Jacob Blyth swept through to make it 3-1. It looks as if the young striker is recovering his form while Leamington's play off push is back on track.

Apparently Sir Josh Blake (suspended for this game) was there but I didn't see him.


Anonymous said...

Please delete 'Addicks' from your boring blog as it entices CAFC supporters to this travesty of of blog concerning non-league midland teams and pets - pathetic!!!

Anonymous said...

You sad man. Wyn is a big CA fan and frequently blogs on here about it. Madityao besid

Wyn Grant said...

In future you can find Brakes reports at http://brakesreports.blogspot.com