Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Brakes Face Gay Puritans

After winning the Fosse Way derby on Saturday, the Chiltern Line derby comes to the New Windmill Ground tonight when Leamington take on Banbury United. In the 1950s they were known as the Gay Puritans according to the Windmill Wonderland fanzine, but these days they are known simply as the Puritans.

However, like the Bardsmen of Stratford Town, their language can be industrial rather than pure. A favourite chant used against Banbury United is 'you all smell of coffee', Banbury being the home of a factory that makes it.

With a number of changes made in the side, including the departure of Lee Downes after an exchange of views with manager Paul Holleran, Brakes have staged a mini recovery. A credible draw away at Cambridge City was followed by a win away at Bedford and Saturday's victory. A play off place may yet be achievable.

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