Friday, 2 November 2012

Draw specialists?

It is often said that a win and a loss is better than two draws and there must be a concern that Charlton are becoming draw specialists as they are sucked towards the relegation zone. The Addicks have won just three league games this season, have lost five and drawn five. Their home record is worse than their away record: 1-2-3.

They are higher up the form table than the actual table, but tomorrow's opponents, Middlesbrough, are third in the form table and fourth in the actual table. They have won three times and lost three times away from home.

For those calling for Chris Powell to be sacked and replaced by Paolo di Canio, it's worth remembering that we have lost quite a few key players to injury. The latest blow is the injury to Cedric Evina who was seen on crutches in Blackheath Hospital yesterday.

There is certainly plenty of movement taking place on the managerial front in the Championship. Mick McCarthy is now installed at Ipswich although whether the cup of cheer will get the Tractors into a higher gear remains to be seen. Palace are now reported to be talking to Ian Holloway which has a certain logic to it as he would find a certain similarity between his surroundings at Selhurst and the seedier parts of Blackpool.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I can't make tomorrow's match: I have had my fill of home defeats and perhaps my absence will mean a win. My non-league club is facing cash flow problems after a lack of home matches caused by the difficulties at Kettering and cup games for the opposition. Each match transferred to midweek loses us £1k and the fund raising committee of which I am secretary has an emergency meeting after tomorrow's home game against Chippenham Town.

I will be taking a close look at Middlesbrough's (mainly) strenghths and weaknesses later on today.


AC said...

Anyone calling for CP to be sacked needs their head examined!

Anonymous said...

Who is calling for CP to be sacked??
Is that a bit of a 'wind-up' or are you that negative.
As far I can see SCP is well supported by the fans.

Wyn Grant said...

I could name the person, but that wouldn't be fair, they are quite prominent. It's certainly not my view as should be clear.