Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Players we can afford

Given that the budget appears to be relatively restricted this summer, and that the new financial fair play regulations require prudence, where can we look for players? I am assuming that some of the signings will be long-term loans, but much the same arguments apply.

Players from League 1 or League 2. There are always some promising players at this level and their wage demands are likely to be realistic. However, we saw last season how hard it was for some of our players who had done well in League 1 to make the step up to the Championship. A striker who can score goals against lower level defences can find it a lot harder in the Championship.

Fringe Premiership players The younger ones (think Obika) are likely to want to stay and try to break into their Premiership sides, although we might get one on loan later in the season. Older players may well be clapped out and injury prone.

Foreign players There are always some bargains to be had, but there can be issues about settling in. One also needs a good scouting network: Chris Powell going to Spain on Sleazyjet doesn't do it. Best to look outside the top five leagues (or at least their top divisions). Belgium may offer some possibilities, particularly the Walloon part given that we already have French-speaking players.

Non-league players Please apply to Jonathan Acworth for details.

The other option is to bring on more of our Academy players. This would be popular with the fans and a cheap solution. However, one has to get the timing right. Bringing a player in too early can destroy their confidence and damage their career. Chris Powell got the timing right with Callum Harriott.

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