Sunday, 13 October 2013

Pardew admits 'errors' at Charlton

Speaking on 'Goals on Sunday' former Charlton manager Alan Pardew admitted that he made 'errors' at Charlton, but he's learnt from them. He said he was forced to sell 9 players after relegation including Andy Reid who was like a Messi to Charlton. Reid was certainly well thought of by fans and has gone on to have a successful career.

However, one well-informed Addick has commented, 'The sale of Reid wasn't as simple as Pardew's hand being forced. He wasn't able to accommodate Reid successfully in a 4-4-2, which is how he wanted to play, the player wanted to take the money on offer and the manager didn't resist the suggestion of selling him, from what I was told at the time. If Pardew had opposed the deal it probably wouldn't have happened.'

A director at the time commented, 'I don't recall Pardew being forced to sell any particular players or any particular number of players. I'm sure he was told to work on getting the wages down. The manager being forced to sell a player just didn't happen back then.'


Anonymous said...

Andy Reid wanted to stay but his agent got him the deal at Sunderland and when Reid asked for advice Pardew told him to take the money and go.

Anonymous said...

Andy Reid could have been sold to Sunderland in the summer if Charlton didn't go up but Pards wanted the money to waste on Andy Gray.

Anonymous said...

Andy Gray was Pardews pick 100%. Director asked him why him and not Ebans Bank Blakes and Pardews said he was fat and a problem,we got Andy Gray and Blakes went to Wolves and scored a bucket load.