Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Charlton fan runs for mayor

No.1 Charlton fan Jonathan Acworth has declared his candidacy for Mayor of London - if he can find enough mugs to stump up for his deposit. Others have suggested a fund to send him to a deserted island.

Acworth was last heard of asking for a 'high up' job in the club after his claimed role in brokering the takeover, but no one has seen him in the floodlights yet.


Jel said...

Someone please hurry up and put this idiot to sleep. He's an embarrassment to our club.........

Anonymous said...

I think JA has forgotten his medication again.Please don't give him any publicity-he needs help.

Anonymous said...

Good for Acworth, he'd be a considerable improvement on Johnson. Acworth was born in England too, unlike the present incumbent.

kevb said...

No 1 fan? There's only one no 1 fan that's Seb Lewis!

jonathan acworth said...

Ok u had all the piss take now its my turn to answer some of your questions.I have thourght long and hard over this and done my research.Ive always been interested in the house as my dad was a 100 per cent tory Maybe next year a bit to soon for the mayor as i havent got the 10k needed to run as a mayor candidate but if i save up next couple years i would love to try and give it a go.I see the labour mps all the time up in the city.
Milliband as leader for labour is very week leader and cameron isnt much good either so their is a market for new ideas the current mps we have havent got a clue.
A lot of people will do a protest vote against this government come the next election so i would like to after the election perhaps give it my best go becomming an mp and who knows stand for the 2020 mayor election that is my goal i want give london people a voice and have some ideas that londoners would welcome.
These are just some of the ideas i like to put to the public.

1.Bus fares £1 a journey without oyster 50p with oyster more reliable transport especially tube network make it run through the night especially during the week how many times people been stranded on a week night after a night out to the theater etc?
2.Replace the crumbling dlr to a new high speed rail link
3.More boat service into kent from london and cheaper fares all round
4.Scrap the tv licence for all londoners if have a satelite or freeview tv .
5.Free childcare for people earning under 17k
6.lower council tax rates
7.council tax under 15k earnings families dont pay
8.derelict buildings buy scheme to help future tennants ie landlords
9.c charge extended to kent and essex
10.councils merged and only keep the best ones

their you go not bullshitting honest views please on my ideas.

Anonymous said...

JA, and all this will be funded how?

Anonymous said...

all this will be funded by increased tax on bankers and lawyers saleries in london also the extention of the c charge to kent and essex.