Sunday, 27 April 2014

Not the best of days

Not only did Charlton lose 1-3 at home to Blackburn, but signalling problems at Watford (a bad omen?) meant that I didn't get home until 9.30 p.m., hence no report last night. The various permutations of our fate are now difficult to work out. It really depends on whether Doncaster can secure a point away at Leicester and whether we can get a point from our last two games. It might be possible to lose both to Watford and at Blackpool and survive, but really we need at least a point on Tuesday evening.

Up until Blackburn's first goal, I thought that we were playing quite well and at least holding our own, although across the match as a whole we tended to be out muscled. I thought that Hamer could have done better to stop the ball going between the post and his hand. We then had a chance to get back in the game through the penalty. There was some confusion about who was going to take it, in part I think because Paul Robinson saved one from Jacko last year. Marvin Sordell stepped up and sent the ball down the middle, which would work with your average keeper who tends to dive to left or right, but not with a former England keeper. It wasn't a great penalty, but it was also a good save.

In the second half the first of two goals from headers went in, then Sordell gave us some hope with what was a good goal. However, when Blackburn's second goal went in, we had a mountain to climb and the players looked increasingly demoralised and tired.

I also thought that throughout the games we wasted our set pieces. Our corners never led to scoring opportunities and our free kicks never threatened. More later.

Match analysis

Once again Ivy the Terrible has awarded the Silver Bone to Diego Poyet. It wasn't his best performance, but he used the ball wisely and was active in defence and in setting up attacks. Understandably enough, he is waiting until the end of the season before deciding whether to commit to Charlton. Hamer could not have done anything about two of the goals, but was often too slow and hesitant in kicking the ball out. Fortunately I rarely dream at Charlton, but last night I dreamt that he had kicked the ball out of touch, a realistic enough dream. He made one excellent save from a point blank header from Gestede on 92 minutes. Morrison found the Rovers forward line a handful, but dealt well with Gesteede. Dervite brought the ball out of defence well to start attacks. On 21 minutes he dealt with Olsson's teasing cross well, clearing it to safety. He also cleared a strike from Rhodes off the line, but Cairney was then able to convert. He must be signed up for next season. Fox was constrained by a rather harsh yellow card, but his quick throw in provided the assist for the goal. Solly played well, but was tested by Craig Conway. Cousins was uncomfortable out of position but provided a good pass in the build up to the penalty. Harriott was quite lively and useful and I was surprised that José Riga substituted him, even if there were instances of poor decision-making. Ajdarevic put one good shot in on goal, but seemed uncertain where to position himself. He is not as good as he thinks he is. Jackson tried hard, but not always to great effect. Sordell, now our leading scorer, put in a determined and energetic performance. Reza is too selfish with the ball, he needs to pass to others. Church was energetic and relatively ineffective as always. Petrucci made no perceptible difference.

The officials had a good game, so Rescue Cat Reg has given the Hiss of the Match to Network Rail for delaying his evening meal.


Brian G said...

You're not having a lot of luck with travelling home after matches, are you,Wyn. There are so many permutations for the means of escape but the obvious one would be to take 3 points off Watford on Tuesday. If not then, I'm not sure that I can take all the stress and tension of going to the Blackpool match and the agony of the return journey if we have gone down. It's so unlikely that it would be just like Leicester to lose to Domcaster and send us down. I hope that you arrive home on time and smiling on Tuesday night.

Anonymous said...


From the table, Doncaster are a point behind but with -30 on the goal difference. Charlton are -25 so as long as Charlton don't lose both games by more than 4 goals than Doncaster will need to beat Leicester to go ahead of Charlton. A draw won't do it for them.

Millwall can go ahead of us with a draw. Birmingham can get 2 draws and stay up. Birmingham look poor but they are playing Wigan, who are doing Charlton no favours. Being in the relegation places can though focus and motivate a team (look at Blackpool). At least Wigan have to win against Birmingham to ensure they reach the play offs. (I won't be supporting them in the play offs).

Obviously better not to be relying on others results and for Charlton to get the points on the board to ensure safety.


Wyn Grant said...

Brian, the tube strike is a challenge on Tuesday. I am confident that I can get to The Valley, but getting back to Marylebone could be a challenge.

Anonymous said...

I think we may need to win one of these games. Now Bournemouth have nothing to play for, I expect millwall to win next week. Ex-Leicester hero Dickov returning to the Champions who also have nothing to play for. Remember when we were champions in 99-2000 and we rolled over for Ipswich Town?

I imagine Dickov will have few words to say about that postponed fixture back in August if we are to survive at their expense....

Anonymous said...

Why is Wilson not playing ?,we get Solly back and our best pairing on the right is Wilson in front of Solly.Cousins is out of position and out of legs.
For tuesday I would line us up:-


Solly Morrison Dervite Fox

Wilson Cousins Poyet Harriot



Johnnny has no longer got the legs but can grab a goal and Harriot and wilson provide us width,Reza and Astrit just not good enough.

Anonymous said...

Some good news for Addicks. We have had the manager of the Melbourne Victory whinging on national TV about a not given penalty in extra time of an a-league semi final. The manager?
Kevin Muscat. There is someone up there overlooking things!

Brian G said...

Kevin Muscat could never receive appropriate punishment for his tackle on Matty Holmes. It still pains me to think about it.