Thursday, 23 June 2016

New fitness coach identified

Charlton are hoping to bring in Carl Serrant as their new fitness coach. His most recent role was at QPR. He did have a short spell with the Glaziers, but that was for a short period a long time ago: Fitness coach


Peter Saunders said...

Hello Wynn,

What is the average consensus to this upcoming season, support the team by following them away games only so not putting any money into the Roland/Katrien coffers.

I am aware that many are not renewing season tickets and saying will not support the current hierarchy.

Or even a little like Man Utd and the Glazers all pitch up at another local club such as Dartford/Welling/Gillingham etc.

Any thoughts or comments.

Wyn Grant said...

Hopefully not Gillingham. I think that those who go to non-league football may be shocked by the standard. At my local third level team, the usual tactic is to hoof the ball up field in an agricultural clearance in the hope that it might find the farmer who is the one player lurking up field. Usually it comes back with interest.