Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Welcome, Fredrik Ulvestad

The official site has announced that Fredrik Ulvestad has signed on a year's loan from Burnley. The Norway international is described as a box-to-box midfielder: New signing

Career details for the 24-year old who has a footballing father and brother here: Fredrik Ulvestad

Despite weeks of speculation, most recently focusing on Crystal Palace, it looks as if Ademola Lookman is staying at The Valley. According to Richard Cawley and other sources, the club has turned down a series of bids from Sheffield Wednesday for Morgan Fox, the last one at over £1.25m.


Roy Heathfield said...

At last CAFC appear to be strengthening rather than weakening the team. Keeping Lookman and Fox is probably not only in the best interests of the team, but also of the two players. Diego Poyet is a clear example of what can happen when a young player moves on too soon.

I think the current squad ought to be more than capable of getting us out of league 1

ExpatCyp said...

Agree with your sentiments Roy. Poyet's career has not progressed since he left Charlton and is a salutary reminder to all young players to gain playing time during their formative years and not be a well remunerated serial bench warmer. You cannot rule out that Lookman might move on at a future date but it makes good sense to hold onto him at the moment. If he achieves his full potential then everyone is a winner.....the club,the player and most importantly his poor old agent !