Tuesday, 1 September 2020

No injunction!

Paul Elliot has not secured an injunction which means that Panorama Magic can sell to someone else.

The judge said preserving the status quo can itself be a risk. In this case could put off potential buyer while Lex Dominus cannot proceed.

The judge said he takes Mihail’s evidence about the threat to the club with a pinch of salt, but having read the rules and regulations from the EFL there has to be at least some risk he is correct.

The case continues tomorrow but the judge warns "if you thought today was technical, you've seen nothing".

Rick Everitt says: 'Should be a speedy trial of the issues. Judge says fans will be appalled to hear their club described as a commercial asset. However interests of the club cannot be ignored. Court must have regards to the wider picture.'

Meanwhile, Thomas Sandgaard is at the game at Loftus Road where Charlton are losing.

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