Saturday 2 January 2021

How was it for you?

Jaded journalist and Fulham supporter Richard Cawley has asked the man he calls his 'sidekick', Louis Mendez, to give his verdict on Charlton's season so far.

Mendez says that there's certainly room for improvement, but he doesn't think it's gone too badly so far, all things considered (quite a qualifying phrase):

I would like to thank the SLP journos for the coverage they provide.   Local print (and online) journalism is under threat.  The hard-working sports editor of my local paper was invited to get on his bike and the coverage now apparently comes from Northampton of all places.

My one question is, when Cawley goes to the Cottage, does he get to hobnob with Richard Osman?  The take off in Osman's career reminds us that reaching 50 can be a beginning rather than an end.

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