Monday 1 March 2021

Bowyer and Sandgaard talk

Lee Bowyer talked to Thomas Sandgaard on Sunday and reckons that the team are low on confidence and a win would set them on the right path:

That is true, but the question is where is it going to come from.  It will be another tough match at Wigan tomorrow night.

I do think that a play off place is now very unlikely.   However, those who talk about a relegation battle are succumbing to the typical pessimism and negativity of Charlton supporters.   This team, poor though is, can scrape together enough points to get a respectable midtable position.

However, those people talking about alternative managers are really wasting their time because Sandgaard is fortunately not a rush to judgment person.   There needs to be a major rebuild of a much weakened squad in the summer and whether that should be done by Bowyer or someone else needs careful reflection.   Remember that Charlton have only had three really outstanding managers - Seed, Lawrence and Curbishley - and some really awful ones have been recruited in a hurry.

One Addick who has been with us through many difficult times said: 'It’s entirely possible that Bowyer’s seemingly irrational behaviour, both in terms of team selection/tactics and post match comments are down to a all the stress he’s been under since taking the job. After all, it can’t have been easy dealing with RD, ESI etc and still having to churn a team out.'

In another interview with Richard Cawley, Bowyer has rejected suggestions that his public criticisms of some player have lessened their willingness to play for him:

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