Friday 12 March 2021

Charlton are 'staying buoyant'

The SLP's Richard Cawley takes a relatively optimistic view of Charlton's prospects which will annoy the many pessimists and negativists among fans:

They might point to the tough opposition that the Addicks face in the last phase of the season, but often Charlton play better against skilled opposition rather than teams that resort to random hoofballs in an imitation of the worst of non-league football.

Admittedly we did get a lucky break on Tuesday from the young, London-based referee.  The head of the Referee's Association has now apologised to Norhampton Town for the award of a penalty to Charlton.

However, we have suffered quite a lot from referees determined to prove they are not 'homers' at The Valley, so perhaps we deserved a lucky break.

Meanwhile, Jake Forster-Caskey has told Richard Cawley that he reckons he is playing the best football of his career:

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