Thursday 2 August 2007

Who would despise Matt Holland?

I was reading the Four Four Two pre-season preview on the plane to the Azores which has Charlton to be champions of the Championship. But one oddity caught my eye. One of the questions to fans was `who do you despise?` and a Coventry City fan had named Matt Holland. Captain Cleanpants? Who could dislike him? What is it with these Chaventry City fans? Dowie perhaps?


Anonymous said...

What does he give to the side? He rarely tackles or gets close to his man (because he is so slow) merely stands off, he doesn't dribble or even carry the ball forward. He never dwells on the ball and look for a pass, but offloads, usually backwards or sideways to someone marked. Thus it ends up in defence on our 18 yard line or with the keeper for a hoof upfield. The guy adds nothing to our play, but produces many negatives. How can you admire a central midfielder with only four career bookings and no reds?

Hilltothevalley said...

Holland is not the player he was, I'll grant you that, he has though given good service to the club and whilst never being flash, has been a strong midfield player in his time, chipping ion with some worthwhile goals. f we were in the Prem today, I would be surprised if he were still to be with us, but in the Championship, he will do a job. Judging a midfield player by his ability to get booked or sent off rather misjudges the purpose of many a midfielder.

Ken Jennings said...

I had the same opinion as nonnymouse above - but when Pards arrived, Matt Holland started to show up and I changed my opinion, so currently I agree with what KK said. (Yup. I'm another fickle fan)