Saturday 22 November 2008

The view from Sheffield

Alan Pardew is described as 'beleaguered' in the Sheffield Star which makes much of the decision of Ian Harte not to come to The Valley (although I don't see this as the biggest blow we have suffered): Harte

Meanwhile, a Tyke who has joined the side to 'strengthen' them reckons that the Blades are en route to the Premiership: Tyke

Of course this is the sort of pre-match commentary one would expect to be pumped out by a provincial evening paper. The Blades are a bit of a yo-yo team so they could be in contention: they are also a rather well run club. I expect they think they are on to an easy three points today. We must try and stop them.

Spaniel match analyst Monty Martin is in an ever more excitable state than usual after being selected to contribute to The Observer tomorrow.

Enjoy the game!


Anonymous said...

If todays debacle' is not the end of Pardew, i despair!

Anonymous said...

I heard on Talksport radio that Curbs was at the game and is waiting in the wings to take over. Please let it be true!