Saturday 26 December 2009

Last ditch equaliser by Llera keeps undefeated record for 9 man Charlton

As forecast by some bloggers, there is a start for Jonjo Shelvey against Swindon today. Wagstaff drops back to the bench and Spring comes in. Akpo Sodje starts wide right with Shelvey in the hole. Omozusi stays at right back. Dailly who is ill was replaced by Llera without his special headgear. Not our strongest side, but it was good to see Chris Solly on the bench.

An early free kick from 25 yards out deflected off a Swindon player for a corner reports Philippa Nicholson. Sam Sodje got his head to Basey's corner but it went just over. However, Charlton got a second corner, but this time Llera's effort was well off target. Worryingly, Sam Sodje had to have treatment on the pitch and was led to the dressing room with a head injury to receive further attention.

Llera headed the ball away as Swindon advanced and Charlton were awarded a free kick for a foul on Spring. After a good build up, Shelvey turned provider for Burton with a good ball, but the chance was lost when the striker headed over the bar. Sodje returned bandaged up.

Swindon attacked, but Bailey turned the ball out at the expense of a throw in. Bailey put in a good shot from distance but it went just over the bar and into the Jimmy Seed stand.

Llera headed the ball across his own penalty area. Eventually Omozusi was able to clear.

Sam Sodje was sent off on 19 minutes as McGovern went down after a unnecessary two footed challenge where there was no danger. Semedo dropped back into central defence leaving a three man midfield.

Elliot read a Swindon effort well and made a great save to turn the ball over with his fingertips. The corner was taken short which usually doesn't work and the ball was cleared.

Charlton won a corner. Llera failed to make contact. Bailey played the ball back in and following further play Omozusi fed Shelvey, leading to a second corner. Journeyman Matt Lucas in the Swindon goal collected.

Omozusi made a good run. Bailey had a go but it was never really on. Spring fed Basey well, but he lost possession. Omozusi continued to look lively. Akpo Sodje went down after a challenge by Haitian international Jean-Francois Lescenel. Sodje got back to his feet and Jean-Francois Lescenel got away with a quiet word.

The free kick did not how much power behind it and it was easily collected by Lucas, drawing on his early career experience in short-term loan deals. He has now found what may be a permanent home in Wiltshire.

There was a 50-50 between Akpo Sodje and Jean Francois which could have produced a penalty. The players thought that it was a penalty and Deon Burton got a yellow card for making his views known to the referee. Akpo Sodje looked very angry.

Shelvey put in a superb shot, picking his spot well, to put the ten men of Charlton ahead.

Charlton were down to nine men after Akpo Sodje had played the ball forward, Burton fouled Lucas and was shown his second yellow and sent off with five minutes of normal time left. I am having to tell Wyn to change the headlines every few minutes.

Swindon tried to attack, but Elliot collected at close range. Five minutes of time were added on. Elliot read a lofted ball well. Swindon kept up the pressure and they won a corner. It was taken short and it went out of play for a goal kick. Bailey took a free kick too quickly and an opportunity was wasted to keep possession.

Swindon were given a free kick in a very dangerous position after a foul by Bailey. It went over the wall and Elliot saved.

Millwall were losing 1-0 at Norwich.

Half time: Addicks 1, Robins 0

Swindon won an early corner. This time it was not taken short. The referee spoke to Douglas and Shelvey after they competed for the ball.

Semedo challenged well. Omozusi managed to avoid conceding a corner. Swindon kept up the pressure. Charlton turned defence into attack. Good work by Llera saw the ball safely shepherded out. Jean-Francois was taken off and Alan O'Brien came on for the visitors.

A strike from Douglas was deflected by Bailey for a corner. The short corner routine was used, an effort by Douglas was deflected for a second corner. Shelvey evaded two defenders and forced a save on the ground from Lucas.

Semedo managed to clear as danger threatened, but the ball came back in and Swindon got the equaliser from Austin on 56 minutes. It was a relatively soft goal which could have been prevented after some poor defending and Elliot perhaps could have done better. It was unfortunate that Charlton could not have held out longer.

Charlton won a corner, but Bailey's effort led to nothing. Swindon won a corner. Basey connected with Sodje, but he was unable to make good use of the ball. A free kick from Bailey led to a Charlton corner. Llera's header was cleared off the line by Douglas. The crowd of 17,977 were doing their best to get behind the Addicks.

Swindon won another corner. Elliot punched the ball away and Charlton got a free kick. Basey kicked the ball away after the referee failed to give a corner and he received a yellow card. Swindon brought on Celtic loan striker Ben Hutchinson to strengthen their attack.

Swindon threatened, but Charlton were able to block through Bailey. McKenzie came on to replace Akpo Sodje to provide fresh legs. Swindon put in a strike but Elliot saved well.

After Austin played the ball to the far post, Paynter put the ball in the net to make it 1-2. The Swindon fans sang 'Up the football league we go'. Bailey made an error, but Swindon were not able to take advantage as they shot on sight.

Austin came off and was replaced by a midfield player. Omozusi was withdrawn and Scott Wagstaff replaced him, giving Charlton more attacking options. Charlton's outfield was playing 3-4-1. Returning prodigal Chris Dickson replaced Jonjo Shelvey who had become quieter. The formation changed to 3-3-2.

Wagstaff put in a superb cross, but McKenzie was inches away and Swindon were able to clear. Charlton won a free kick after a clear foul on Wagstaff and then a challenge on McKenzie. Basey's ball was headed into the air and a free kick was given to Swindon.

Swindon received their first yellow card when Hutchinson was booked to ironic cheers from the Addickted. Four minutes of time were added on. Swindon just had to retain possession. Charlton won a free kick and Llera scored the equaliser. Often derided as a carthorse, he will be the hero of the hour. Parky went beserk celebrating.

Colchester beat Southend 2-1 at Roots Hall and Norwich defeated the Spanners 2-0 to close the gap to two points. Charton face a tricky match at Brentford on Monday without Burton and Sam Sodje.

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