Saturday 13 March 2010

Charlton given a stuffing

Semedo was brought into the Addicks starting line up to play alongside Racon with Reid on the right and Bailey on the left reports Paul May from the Toolbox. Chris Solly came in as left back. Charlton started brightly and won an early corner, but the Spanners responded with a corner of their own, but Elliot was eventually able to gather comfortably.

Millwall were awarded a free kick 30 yards out which led to a corner despite protests by Nicky Bailey. The corner was poorly delivered. A Charlton free kick was caught comfortably by the keeper. A Dailly foul led to a Spanners free kick. Mooney could have jumped with Darren Ward for the ball, but didn't.

Bailey and Racon combined and nearly caused the Spanners some trouble. Morison advanced, but Dailly was able to defend. Neither side had a real chance in the first twenty minutes, but Charlton were holding their own. Solly defended well. Racon made use of some space and Sodje put in an effort which went wide.

Darren Ward put the ball behind for a corner, but it led to a Millwall goal kick. Millwall threatened and Llera was left standing, but Charlton were able to defend. Richardson put in a cross, but Reid blasted the ball away although Charlton players were arriving. Bailey put in an effort, but it was blocked.

The Addickted taunted the Spanners with a chant of 'What's it like to see a crowd?' Dailly was dealing well with Millwall attacks. An effort from Mooney was over the bar. Batt advanced but Elliot spread himself well and saved at the expense of a corner.

Word came throught that both Norwich and Leeds were losing. Charlton were dispossessing Millwall before they got into the final third. Trotter fouled Semedo who had been ensuring that Morison couldn't cause too much trouble.

Batt tried to get behind Dailly who conceded a corner which led to a second after Bailey defended well. The unmarked Darren Ward headed in at the far post from Hackett's delivery to put the Spanners 1-0 ahead just before the break. This was poor defending from a set piece yet again after Charlton had started well and were probably edging the match.

Charlton tried to respond, but Reid's effort led to a Millwall goal kick. Millwall made a last minute attack, but Charlton were able to do enough to defend. The Spanners won a free kick against Solly, but Richardson was able to get a flick on it.

Half time: Spanners 1, Addicks 0

Millwall advanced down the left and won a corner. It was overhit, Morison recovered, Elliot punched the ball away and then it was booted away by Richardson. Mooney broke on the right, but was caught offside. Racon advanced, but he could not find Mooney before Ward intervened.

A shot from Morison was saved by Elliot. Dunne got forward, but Elliot was able to save. Millwall won a corner, but Charlton cleared. Reid did not provide a good ball for Bailey. Richardson cleared a free kick from Hackett. Bailey made a good run, Racon laid the ball off, Solly put in a cross and it came off Dunne to give Charlton a corner on 59 minutes. Richardson's effort was just kept out by the Millwall keeper at the near post.

Dailly blocked a shot from Schofield at the expense of a corner. Trotter dived and the referee who was nearby awarded a goal kick but no yellow card. Solly and Semedo combined well, but Reid was not able to control the ball. Neil Harris, who had picked up an injury at Walsall, came on to replace Batt to finish the job for Millwall.

Sodje had a couple of opportunities to hold the ball up, but failed to do so. Racon, who had had a good game, was taken off in favour of Sam. Charlton won a free kick on the right 30 yards out after a foul on Sodje. The ball was claimed by the keeper.

A cross from Sam was headed away. Reid advanced well, but the Spanners were able to clear the cross. Sam put in a good cross but Reid and Mooney got in each other's way. Sodje put in a poor shot from distance. Hackett advanced well, evading Solly, Harris was lurking but Dailly put it in his own net to make it 2-0.

Harris played in Morison who put it under Elliot to make it 3-0 and game over. Bailey had a right go at Llera, jabbing his finger in his face. The stuffing had been knocked out of Charlton. Some of the Addickted left.

Following a corner Hackett put in a formidable strike but it went just over the bar.
Word came through that Norwich had gone ahead at Huddersfield. Charlton won a free kick 25 yards out. Llera's effort went over the bar.

An effort from Hackett went across the face of goal and Morison made it 4-0 as the Spanners chanted 'Easy!' I was increasingly on my own in the away end as I stuck to my dismal task. Burton came on to replace Sodje, but it was far too late. Morison was taken off. Harris went down claiming an elbow and Llera received the first yellow card of the game. Millwall had a free header at the far post off the free kick, but Dunne's effort went over.

The ball was put behind from Mooney. Richardson's corner was caught well by the keeper. Hackett was taken off. Bailey put a ball across goal, but it led to a goal kick, although Ford got a touch to it. Reid was replaced by Wagstaff.

Elliot saved brilliantly from a Millwall free kick to prevent goal number five.

I am going back to Erith to have a stiff drink.


GK said...

perhaps if you were rather more polite about the opposition and acknowledged you had been beaten by a better team - and no-one except you has ever called Millwall "spanners" - then not so many people would be pleased to see the smuggest team of South London (no mean achievement with Crystal Palace in the area) reverting to their rightful place in the bottom half of professional clubs.

Mind you, I think Curbishley had taken the club as far as he could - he had to go lol.

Marco. said...

Does he even know why Millwall are known as Spanners?
At least there's a sensible reason rather than just thinking of an abusive name.
Millwall have always been SO polite about us so perhaps we should have a rethink eh?

PGB said...

Hi Wyn,
A disappointing final score but not the end of the world.
I've been reading your blog for years and could not believe my eyes when seeing the above comments. This is not 606 you know, it's a Charlton blog and Wyn is free to call you whatever he wants, it's not about you.
Yes your lads played well but supporters like you.....Pfft.

jack said...

Had GK read the report its entitled 'Charlton given a stuffing' doesn't that constitute accepting we were beaten by a better team.....obviously too complex a statement for GK to understand...
Ribbing aside, we've not been playing well for sometime and only teams around us performing as badly has kept us in contention. Millwall are on the up playing with confidence and have a good manager.

Injuries have cost us this season, just as they did for Millwall earlier in the season.
Its still not over but PP has too sort out our midfield and strikers, lack of creation, penetration and quality.

Ken Jennings said...

Jack wrote:"PP has too sort out our midfield and strikers, lack of creation, penetration and quality."

How about PP sorts out PP?

Jack said...

Ken, true, not sure why he doesn't have someone on the post/line during corners for a start, would have saved Ward's goal.
Why hasn't McKenzie been given a go, must be something in the loan players contracts that they must play if fit...
McKenzie must have been signed on for a reason or is there something we don't know.

Having said all that, had we had some cash we'd have loaned Ward, so how did Millwall afford it ?

jack said...

Now we know why he couldn't pick Mckenzie, thigh injury out for 2- 3weeks.....