Wednesday 9 November 2011

Train spotters or pikeys?

Millwall fans see Charlton fans as train spotters or anoraks, rather like those sad blokes you see at London Bridge taking the numbers of electric trains. However, after a recent discussion on train matters related to Charlton on the Glynne Jones list in which even the Rickster participated, I can see where they are coming from.

What is a bit more puzzling is the Palace designation of us as pikeys. Perhaps it's just further proof that many Glaziers are one sandwich short of a picnic.

The typical Charlton fan probably has a job in IT in London rather than working in the scrap metal trade. Indeed, the median Charlton fan has always been relatively prosperous. In the 1930s and 1950s, many Charlton fans were either skilled manual workers like my father who had served apprenticeships or what were then known as 'clerks' (junior office workers).

Incidentally, when I was on the Gatwick Express recently I noticed that one has a clear view from the train of Selhurst Park. With the Olympics coming up, this is hardly a good 'Welcome to Britain' message and perhaps that side of the train could be fitted with blinds.

On the pikey theme, I was astonished when I arrived at the New Windmill Ground last night to see a large dilapidated caravan parked up opposite the vice-presidents lounge. My first thought was that a member of the travelling community had found a new pitch.

As secretary of the vice-presidents club, I sought out the chairman at half time and it turned out that he had towed it from a farmer's field. Apparently at one time it was used by Ford for displays at shows and other events. The plan is to refurbish it as a corporate hospitality centre.

Well, maybe. But then I remembered the days at Charlton when hospitality was dispensed from Portakabins on the West Stand car park. There was a great pioneering spirit, but I am not sure guests were all that impressed.


Dave said...

Wynn -Palace fans have moved on from "Pikeys." we are all Clowns now, apparently.

Nick said...

I have a job in IT in London, pretty much spot on for a Charlton fan. Good job.

Gary said...

Been in IT all my life too. Maybe we should be geeks rather than pikeys. :D