Wednesday 13 June 2012

A look at the Championship

This page will get a proper re-launch before the Crown Berger Cup against Welling (the links need updating). Meanwhile, Charlton are 10th in the table just ahead of Crystal Palace who have moved up after their lowly finish.

The teams in the Championship can be divided into three categories:

  • 1. Massive (Erfawr), largely self-selected, clubs say they are massive and lazy journos start using the term.
  • 2. Really rather big
  • 3. Potential relegation candidates.


Sheffield Wednesday (super massive); Blackburn Rovers; Wolves. Erfawr: Cardiff City. Candidate massive (pending takeovers): Leeds United, Nottingham Forest.

Really Rather Big

Birmingham City (provided financial problems do not get worse); Bolton Wanderers; Brighton; Derby County; Hull City; Leicester City; Middlesbrough

Potential relegation candidates

Blackpool (wheels could come off, but a long shot); Bristol City; Burnley; Crystal Palace; Huddersfield (only one point for a draw); Ipswich Town; Millwall; Peterborough United; Watford.

If we treat Charlton as a medium-sized club, this would see them finishing 14th. If we add in the extra Powell ingredient, it could be higher. It's all to play for!


Anonymous said...

Whatever Wynn's on, I'll have some!

Anonymous said...

Typical deluded Charlton fan ! Palace will finish above Charlton And Millwal

Anonymous said...

Palace will be going no where this season. You're football you played last season was laughable.

Anonymous said...

You Nigels make me laugh. You're selling you're best players so how on earth is that going to get you anywhere other than down?

Anonymous said...

You pikey Palace morons have no clue at all - look what we did last season, look at our squad and our manager, not to mention our pulling power to potential new look at your hovel of a stadium, aging squad, lame last season and add in the fact any decent young players you have will all be gone by run along you mugs - see who's laughing when we've taken 6 points off you and send you down....AGAIN!!!