Wednesday 1 April 2020

Charlton owes Roland £67m

Charlton's debt to Roland Duchatelet stood at £67m last June, newly published accounts for 2018/19 state, reports VOTV editor Rick Everitt. Usual caveat - this includes what he paid the previous owners for the club in January 2014. RD left that sum on the books as debt and charged the club interest on its own purchase price.

Operating loss for 2018/19 was £11.9m compared to £13.3m in 17/18, mainly the result of additional income from play-offs and reduced operating expenses. Turnover was £7.9m, up from £7.3m. Staff costs were £10.4m from £10.2m, probably reflecting player bonuses.

The club reports it has received £4.2m for player disposals since June 30th last year and paid out £221k. This is up to date as the accounts were not finalised until March 24th. Profit on player disposals was £2.9m in 18/19, down from £4.0m in 17/18.

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