Wednesday 22 July 2020

Late Barnsley goal seals Charlton fate

A goal scored in time added on by Barnsley at Griffin Park saw Charlton relegated to League One tonight.  Charlton lost 4-0 to a superior Leeds side.

One consolation is that it makes it more difficult for Roland to insist on a ridiculous price for the club's assets, but the ownership position is so confused no one knows what will happen.  Czech Addick Richard Hunt tweeted, 'This is a relegation that happened off the pitch.'

On the debit side, Lee Bowyer will probably leave, something that will please a small minority of supporters.  Richard Cawley of the SLP tweeted:' If you want my opinion, I can't see Lee Bowyer sticking around. Just feels like the chaos off the pitch has taken its toll on him.'

What we saw this evening were the limitations of a team made up largely of youngsters recently playing in the non-league and players nearing the end of their career.  Doughty made a great run but was unable to score when one on one with the keeper.

If it hadn't been for Dillon Phillips, Charlton could have conceded six or seven. 

It's a sad night, but we've been here before and hopefully the club will survive.  One fan tweeted, 'Whatever our first game is after lockdown, I'll be there.'

Sombre supremo Lee Bowyer said, 'I'm not in a good place tonight, but this is what happens if you cut corners.'

He added, 'But I love the club. I've been loyal and I gave my all. I could've left on more than one occasion.'

Coverage will switch to the Third Division Diary in a few weeks' time.

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