Monday 3 May 2021

Never mind the quality, feel the lack of width

Benjy Nurick reflects on the Accrington game where he suffered pizza deprivation:

The average age of the Charlton squad is the second highest in League One, but these are not experienced winners in their prime, notes Nurick.   Without a consistent threat out wide, Charlton had been too predictable all season.

Nurick takes a particular look at Conor Washington 'who painted a frustrated figure of anonymity' at Accrington.

Nurick concludes that the team of 'hastily assembled leftovers' are not simply good enough and a major reconstruction will be needed over the summer.  Come to think of it, I had worked that out for myself, as indeed had most fans.   Perhaps that's what Nurick meant when he referred to 'cheezy goodness' at the start of his article.

For me League One was summed up by the view at the Wham Stadium on Saturday.   At one end of the ground there is some (very) shallow terracing.  In the distance one could see a group of spectators following a park football match.  Would the quality have been much worse than the display of hoofball we paid £10 for?

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