Friday 19 November 2021

Charlton talk to Villa assistant manager

Thomas Sandgaard is to wait a month before making a decision about the next Charlton manager.  While appreciating what Johnnie Jackson has done, Sandgaard emphasises that it is a business decision, not a fans' popularity decision:

Discussions have been held with Aston Villa assistant manager Michael Beale who spent eight years in the Charlton academy. 

One fan commented on social media: 'I think Sandgaard is possibly trying to figure out still if he's ready because yes there's the honeymoon period when we get the wins in but will Jackson be able to turn around a bad result in the future? Does he have the know-how to work the transfer market? I'm sure there's a few other skills in the job that we don't even consider as fans.'

VOTV editor Rick Everitt has commented: 'I think TS has handled the manager appointment just fine so far, but “30 days” is a hostage to fortune if Charlton carry on winning. And if they don’t it could look like he was waiting for the team to start losing to appoint someone like Hasselbaink (no thanks).

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