Saturday 12 March 2022

Attack and defence poor up north

424 Addicks saw another disappointing display in a 2-1 defeat at Accrington this afternoon.   Once again Charlton failed to score from open play and conceded from defensive errors.  The Addicks were not able to take advantage of the home side going down to 10 men.

Charlton won an early corner after coming close to scoring with a half volley from Lee at the Wham Stadium against Accrington, but Savin made an excellent save.  Stockley's header from the corner went wide.

A shot from Accy was dealt with well by Macca.  After a free kick from McConville a Sykes header was just wide.   It wasn't well defended.

Charlton won another corner after good work by Stockley, but it was headed away by Sykes.  The Addicks won a second corner.   The keeper grabbed it at the second attempt.   Purrington fed Stockley, but a heavy touch by him led to an Accy free kick.

Pearce headed clear and a shot was off target.  The Charlton midfield need to get to grips with the second balls.  An Accy header went over the bar.

After a good opening few minutes, Charlton were struggling to get into the game, a not unfamiliar story. Then Lee called for a handball against Coyle when the ball struck his arm.   The referee made the decision after hesitating and Stockley scored from the spot on 18 minutes to make it 0-1 a little against the run of play.   It's good to get some luck for once.

Leko was brought down by blunderer Coyle who received a yellow card.   On the whole, Leko was not in the game that much compared with Stockley.

Lavelle had to clear behind for a corner which animated the home crowd.   Stockley headed away and it was flicked on by Lee as Charlton attempted to counter attack.

Set piece woe and defensive errors

Accy won a rather fortunate free kick.  Charlton couldn't clear their lines and after a goalmouth scramble the home side equalised in scrappy play, a header going beyond the Addicks player on the line.  Longelo scored the goal.  Macca could have done better by asserting himself more.   Once again Charlton conceded in a disappointing way from a set piece.

A counter attack by Accrington saw them take the lead on 33 minutes, a Charlton cross leading to their goal.  Leigh fired into the bottom corner from the edge of the box.   Once again it was an avoidable goal with the opposition given too much space.   Charlton had enough players back but weren't concentrating in the final third.   Steve Brown said the communication was poor.  Coyle limped off.

Charlton were attacking but the referee stopped the game.   Dobson and Pell received yellow cards, the Accy charm merchant having struck Dobson who reacted.

Clare received a yellow card for challenging Pell.   Following the free kick, Charlton struggled to clear their lines, Dobson eventually clearing the danger.

Charlton had another free kick to defend, another unnecessary one given away.   The header was won by Pell but the move ended in a goal kick.

Three minutes were added on after a lively first half.   Charlton were not winning enough first touches, although the wind was a factor.   Purrington had a throw in but had no real options.  

Steve Brown said that Accy seemed to anticipate more than we did.

HT: 2-1

Charlton won an early corner.  Fraser's delivery was decent but it was headed away.

Charlton gave away another silly free kick, this time from Lee.  Clare won the header.  The ball was eventually claimed by Macca.

A shot by Purrington was straight at Savin after some good build up play.  He could have done better even though it was a tight angle.

A shot from Leko was deflected away by Rodgers.   He was getting into the left channel more.  The corner was cleared away.

Pearce fouled Bishop a yard or so from the penalty area.   Pell's shot hit the six man Charlton wall. Gunter cleared from off the line from Sykes and the Accy player couldn't take a second opportunity from the six yard box.

Pearce came off for Washington.  Leko switched to right wing back.

On 63 minutes Leigh led with an elbow in an aerial challenge on Clare and received a red card.

Charlton made a handball claim as Leko's cross hit a hand, but a corner was given.  DJ came on to replace Purrington on 71 minutes.  

Charlton were not displaying any creativity.   The Addicks had not created one chance since the home side went down to ten men.  Accrington continued to work hard.

Lee put in a good ball, but Savin saved from Stockley.   Burstow replaced Gunter on 86 minutes in a last throw of the dice.

A goal from Washington in time added on was chalked off for handball and he was booked.

The pundits

Curbs said that Charlton were flat again, two poor defensive goals.   Steve Brown said that the referee could not see the claim for the second penalty, nor could the assistant.   Curbs said the referee had already given one that was 50-50.   Accrington never gave us too much of an opportunity to build.

Curbs said they made a really good start and then succumbed to something we expected.  They knew what they were up against.   Steve Brown said that we were under massive amounts of pressure for the first goal.  MacGillivray was stuck on his line, Savin was not.

Curbs said that for the second goal there was no urgency, players were strolling back.   Steve Brown said it's a difficult place to go, their bobbly pitch suits the way they play.  It was a bit like under Nigel.

Curbs hoped there would be a decent atmosphere against the Gills.   Tuesday night would be a big game.  We had got to stop it.   Steve Brown said you have to earn the right, no one gives you a result.  We were not physically matching work rate or chances.   It must be difficult for Johnnie to know who to trust.   When things went wrong in the 90 minutes in the heat of battle it was down to the player.

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