Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Farewell to faithful servants

The club has announced twenty-eight depatures on the official website, many of them familiar figures at The Valley and Sparrows Lane. For example, I have had a lot of contact with Terrie Kennor over the years and always found her very helpful.

Peter Varney notes on the website that a lot of the focus has been on the axeing of the women's team. However, that has resonated way outside Charlton. I was approached by someone at Southam United's ground last night who said that it was against everything Charlton stood for.

Having said that, a Southampton supporter told me the other day that the women's team was the first thing to go when they went down. Clearly, the club has had to make some drastic economies which reflect profligate spending last season on players who weren't worth what was spent on them.

Hopefully, better times now lie ahead.


Anonymous said...

The story doesn't say that there have been 28 redundancies - many of these people left voluntarily because they felt could do better elsewhere.

Wyn Grant said...

I have amended this, although the net effect is still much the same. Will we be able to easily secure people of the same calibre again if we are promoted?

Hilltothevalley said...

WHEN we are promoted, i would expect the Club to take a different approach towards none core activities and I doubt whether there will be a need for quite the same level of staffing. Of course not all of the 28 departures have not been replaced, as with the departure of the backroom staff to Spammers and the reciprocal replacement by their backroom staff.

Anonymous said...

This is spin by Varney, some left because they found better jobs, some have gone to the O2 and others made redundant because their face didn't fit. They took relegation as an oppotunity. If they are saying that you can run on these staffing levels with more games in the fizzy pop, why did we have so many staff in the prem?
I also doubt that pay cuts were introduced, all of the senior staff kept there jobs and pay cuts were not on offer after following relegation, this is more spin.
I know someone who was made redundant and they tell me that Varney did a disapearing act towards the end and they never even got a peronsonal thank you after many years of service. Good family Club, not on this performance..!!

Hilltothevalley said...

Sorry Spammers should have been Hammers - I was up at !!!