Thursday, 12 July 2007

Jody Morris main talking point

I wasn't either at Welling or Tooting and Mitcham last night, and I don't have as strong a geographical excuse as the Chicago Addick, but a short summary report is here: Welling

The main talking point among the Addickted seems to be Jody Morris, not so much in terms of the footballing skills of the former Spanner, but his bad boy image. He does seem to have a bit of previous, to put it mildly: Record

Perhaps Charlton with its 'family' image can help him to turn over a new leaf. However, it is a worrying history and I am far from convinced that he is an outstanding acquisition from a football point of view.

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Hilltothevalley said...

I like the look of the new site, looking forward to reading it over the coming months and seeing it close down in a years time