Monday, 2 November 2009

A poor sporting weekend

Leamington lose 3-5 at home to a team lower down the table; Charlton go down 3-1 at Carlisle; and then yesterday Coventry Blaze lost 1-2 at home to the Cardiff Devils. It wasn't so much the fact that they lost, but the way in which they lost. It was a lacklustre performance against a Welsh side who were well organised, but lacked flair, leading to a poor quality game.

The moaners are out in force after Charlton's defeat at Carlisle. Some people who went whose judgement I trust thought that we were poor, so there are real grounds for concern. However, as usual at Charlton, the doom and gloom is overdone. Moaners are pointing out that we are 18th in the form table, but these are the same people who were forecasting relegation at the beginning of the season.

Parky has come under criticism for using loan players, some seeing this as a return of the bad old days of Pardew. But Parky brought in loan players because of injuries which were bound to unsettle the side.

Some fans seem particularly upset that he didn't use Randolph. There is always a vein of sentiment at Charlton in favour of players who have come up through the ranks. I haven't seen Randolph enough to form a view of him, but I have seen the three goals and I doubt whether Elliot could have saved them. Indeed, the two from long distance would have tested Deano in his prime.

There is, of course, a real question about why Kavanagh was allowed so much space to let loose his thunderbolts and Racon is a new target for grumbling with the accusation of show boating.

Our biggest problem remains our strike force. Burton is a decent enough player at this level, but he is playing with an injury. He needs to have his operation sooner rather than later, but who do you replace him with? McLeod has nuisance value, but has difficulty in finding the back of the net. I am not sure how far McKenzie is from returning from injury, although he looks like a player who is injury prone.

Of course, some fans say that the solution is 'simples': bring back Chris Dickson from Bristol Rovers. I have never really been convinced by Dickson. I thought it was a big ask to made the jump from his level of the non-league. As for arguments that he has been 'banging them in' at Bristol Rovers, the Pirates seem to have faded recently.

Perhaps the one good thing that will come out of this is a more realistic assessment of our prospects. Leeds have booked one automatic promotion place from the division and there are plenty of good contenders for the others, not least Norwich. MK Dons we shall see about when we play them in a fortnight, although I actually think that this is a match we shall win.

At the beginning of the season, I thought we would be somewhere between mid-table and the fringes of the play offs. 2nd in the actual table (which is still the one that counts) is acceptable for the beginning of November. I think that a play off place is a realistic aspiration.

We do need a proven striker and there is the hope that we could get a young fringe player from a higher level at Christmas. Of course, that would mean a loan, but there is nothing wrong with a loan if it meets a need.

In the meantime, I would make more use of Mooney while we have him, loan player or not.


Ketts said...

I'm not convinced by Dickson either Wyn. He has failed to impress either Pardew or Parky & seems to be a maverick, albeit one who scores whenever he's not wearing a Charlton shirt!

I would have played Randolph. If Parky thinks so little of him why was he offered a contract?

Ikeme did little wrong but if we view it from a different angle, did he actually do anything that Randolph could not have done?

Let's hope Randolph grabs his chance his chance on Sunday.

Might watch Leamington get beaten at home again on Saturday!

Wyn Grant said...

I think the reason that Randolph was signed that he was a cheap option. Parky presumably thought Ikeme was a better bet, but Randolph will get a chance in the FA Cup and possibly the paint drying trophy as well.

The one striker I didn't mention is Tuna, but I think he is just a bench option at the moment.

Jules1 said...

The player that you haven't mentioned here is Basey. I can just about understand the Randolph decision, but not the Basey decision . He should have played at left back and Youga on the right. Why, why, why bring in a new full back who hasn't played compeitively for 6 months , put him straight in the team and then ( unsurprisingly ) watch him set up the killer Carlisle 2nd gosl.
I have watched Basey in the Prem and the Champ and he's always looked solid . THey obviuosly don't fancy him ( maybe for lack of pace , who knows) , but if he can't get a game under these circumstances , he must wonder what the point of it all is ??

Wyn Grant said...

Fair enough, although I am not sure that Basey has always looked solid. I remember an appalling performance at Blackpool. Parky probably felt uneasy at playing Youga out of position, although he has acquitted himself there before.

ChicagoAddick said...

Dickson was dropped from the starting line up on Saturday.