Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Four goal Charlton secure three points

Miguel Llera came in for the suspended Sam Sodje with Jonjo Shelvey replacing Thierry Racon in midfield for the clash with Bristol Rovers, reports Philippa Nicholson from The Valley. Conditions were blustery.

Charlton applied early pressure, but a foul was awarded against Youga. The pressure was maintained and a little after three minutes Mooney scored for the Addicks. To create the goal Semedo had fed Sam, Burton became involved, Andersen - the keeper on loan - palmed the shot away but Mooney was there waiting to pounce.

The Addicks were unable to take advantage of a free kick which was cleared. Rovers advanced but Semedo cleared. A cross from Sam was put out of play by Anthony for Charlton's first corner of the evening. The referee had warned Rovers players to cut out their trouble making, Basey's corner came in, Llera was bundled over and the referee pointed to the penalty spot. Burton converted well, sending the keeper the wrong way, to put the Addicks 2-0 ahead.

The Addicks launched another attack but Mooney's effort went into the arms of the keeper. Mooney went in behind the back line, but Anthony was able to scoop the ball away. As Charlton kept up the pressure, they won another corner, but Rovers were able to partially clear.

Youga went down and was hobbling after treatment. Rovers won a corner, but Charlton won a free kick. Youga had to be taken off which was a shame given how well he had combined with Sam. Omosuzi replaced Youga. After just four minutes on the pitch Omosuzi managed to get himself booked. The free kick was dealt with well by Ikeme.

A foul on Omosuzi by Campbell won Charlton a free kick. Basey's effort was over hit went out of play for a Rovers goal kick. A Rovers free kick was drifting goalwards, but Ikeme was alert and tipped the ball away for a corner from which Sam broke from a Shelvey clearance, but he was unable to combine with Mooney.

Semedo was fouled by Hughes and Charlton were awarded a free kick, but Basey's effort was unproductive. Sam put in a great cross, Shelvey's shot hit Mooney and Andersen was able to make the save.

Rovers were awarded a penalty for some scuffling in the area after a rare attack in which Kuffour was manhandled and Dailly was shown a yellow card, although Llera seemed to be involved. Hughes made it 2-1 by beating Ikeme five minutes before the break.

Charlton won a free kick but Llera put the ball over the bar. Three minutes of time were added on.

Half time: Addicks 2, Gasheads 1

There was a scrappy start to the second half. Charlton won a corner. Basey's effort was punched away by Andersen and Omosuzi put the ball well over. Rovers threatened, but Omosuzi intervened well.

Dailly had to clear after Rovers threatened. They continued the pressure and Omosuzi had to concede the corner. Lines bundled the ball home with a header to make it 2-2.

Rovers won a free kick just outside the penalty area. Llera cleared well and Charlton broke, but Rovers were able to defend. Shelvey shot from distance, but it was just wide, although the keeper probably had it covered. Sam fed Burton but the keeper was able to gather.

Sam was booked for a challenge on Campbell. Rovers threatened again from a throw in and Blizzard put the ball just wide. Dailly played a long pass, Burton turned provider for Mooney, the ball went on the crossbar, the keeper failed to clear and captain Nicky Bailey scrambled the ball across the line to make it 3-2.

Semedo came close to a fourth goal, but a deflection took it wide. Bailey's corner was a good one, but it was palmed away. Blizzard was taken off and Swallow as brought on for Rovers.

Shelvey, who had been quieter in the second half, was taken off and replaced by Wagstaff. Coles pulled back Burton and was shown a yellow card as the rain lashed down. Swallow put in a decent cross which was deflected behind by Omosuzi. Rovers won a second corner which led to a Charlton goal kick.

Basey covered well as Kuffour threatened, shepherding the ball back to Ikeme. Sam was hauled back by Lines and received a yellow but there was some uncertainty about whether it was a second. Apparently it was Baldwin who was booked in the first half. Akpo Sodje was brought on to be replaced by Mooney.

Basey put in a great cross, the keeper palmed it away but Wagstaff worked well to win the corner. Basey's corner came in and super sub Akpo Sodje scored to make it 4-2. Williams was replaced by Wright for Rovers as their fans started to make their way to the exit.

Charlton threatened to score a fifth but the referee stopped the game because of a head injury to Anthony. Four minutes of time were added on. Trollope lost it with the fourth official. Duffy got a yellow card for dissent.

It was a battling performance with an erratic referee that kept Charlton securely in 2nd place.


Anonymous said...

I can understand why Parky dropped Racon in this game but Jonjo ended up doing little to justify the place. Added to this the fact that Holden is not good enough, this position is still something of a conundrum and I expect we'll see Racon back in the next game despite Parkinson's justifiable reluctance to change a winning team.

I think Burton was massively influential in this game and is absolutely crucial to us, whilst Ikeme continues to make good saves often at very important moments.

Let's hope Youga is not a serious injury worry, whilst Basey has been impressive Omozusi is anything but.

All in all though continued good stuff at home from us and while he continually gets lambasted by philistine home fans Lloyd Sam has to be man of the season so far and a joy to watch.

lesberry'sdbp said...

Sam and Youga looked set to overwhelm Rovers and once Youga went off we became unbalanced for while and lost our inertia.
Mooney looks an intelligent player and againworked well up front with the ever hard working and reliable Burton. Shelvey again didn't look as though either fully fit or confident.
A captains perfomance from bailey with a brave goal, that had the crossbar not intervened would have been another for Mooney.
Lets hope we can keep Mooney and Sodje!

AC said...

Parkinson certainly seems to make some shrewd loan signings.