Saturday, 14 November 2009

Team answer moaners

Charlton gave a convincing answer to the moaners today by thumping third placed Milton Keynes Dons 5-1 at The Valley. I did not take notes as usual, but I felt that a victory on that scale justified temporarily ending the suspension of this blog.

After gifting MK Dons an early goal, the Addicks fought back with skill and determination, although the strong wind blowing agsinst them made their task difficult in the first half. Their passing was fluent and each of the goals was well taken. There could well have been more but for the Dons keeper.

Much reading off of the recent form of the two teams has taken place in the last few days, leading to predictions of an away win despite Charlton's strong form at The Valley. Paradoxically, this may have helped us as Dons gave the impression that they thought this would be an easy three points. Those who favour Paul Ince as a manager might reflect on their frequent resort to fouling and arguing with the referee. Might this be a tradition carried over from Manchester United? No one wonder the yellow card was flourished regularly against them.

There's a reluctance to give Parky credit for anything that goes right but playing Mooney up front with Burton worked well, as did having Bailey in the centre and Racon on the wing.

Charlton consolidated their second place in the league, and are now three points ahead of MK Dons and Colchester who drew at home against Exeter, but still lag behind in the much vaunted form table.

It was interesting to read how the negativists have attempted to construct a narrative about this result. It has been pointed out that it is only one result and that is true. Nevertheless, it was important to beat one of the other automatic promotion claimants convincingly and Parkinson must have got something right to have us three points clear in 2nd place.

Another view is that we were lucky and the match could have easily gone the other way. If it hadn't been for Youga's clearance off the line and Dailly's apparent handball, we could have gone 0-2 behind and it would have been a very different story. The referee thought that Dailly was pushed and it was a change to have a referee who didn't feel that he had to prove that he wasn't a 'homer' by giving every marginal decision to the opposition.

Match analysis

Ivy the Terrible has awarded the Silver Bone to David Mooney who remarked this was something they did not have at Reading. He made a difference up front showing pace, skill and determination. Phil Parkinson's most controversial selection was Carl Ikeme. Many Addicks feel that a former Academy player should always be given the nod over a loan player. But Parky sees Randolph in training every week and knows about his attitude. Ikeme was off his line for the MK goal, but made one good save. Sodje had a good game and took his goal well. Dailly was reliable as ever, even if he did have to use his hand at one crucial point. Youga was not at his best, but made a vital clearance off the line. Richardson was at fault for the first goal and eventually had to be withdrawn. I did wonder if he was one hundred per cent fit. Semedo was a little subdued and not at his very best. Bailey had a much improved match and although his goal was straightforward, it was well taken. Sam had a good game, rarely lasting all 90 minutes. I thought that his goal was the best in the match and should be considered for goal of the season. He also provided two assists. Racon was more effective in his new position. Burton had some nice touches and took his goal well. Basey showed that he is a reliable and competent substitute when he came on. McKenize showed again that he can cause the opposition trouble. The loan signing of Sodje Major caused some controversy among fans before the game. But loan signings are the name of the game at this level. He looked very strong and had good pace. This is all part of the preparation for Burton's op.

Juneau the Soccer Cat gave the Hiss of the Match to MK Dons captain Aaron Wilbraham. He was constantly arguing with the referee, all the way to the tunnel at half time. He was lucky not to get booked. Juneau wishes to point out that her name is not Juno. As an all American cat, she is named after the capital of Alaska, although she is not a fan of Sarah Palin and her own home state is, of course, Maine.

Crowd rating The franchisees were very noisy, although they soon stopped their chants of 'Northwich Victoria'. The Addickted were able to out chant the Bletchley boys and Parky thanked them for their continuing support after Charlton had gone behind.


Anonymous said...

Wyn, really pleased you posted today. I was gutted when I heard you were suspending the blog - yours is the the first web site I go to each day before starting work.

Do a Stephen Fry and don't let the B*ggurs get you down.

We need you - today proved that being a Charlton fan is not all bad.

Ketts said...

Parky addressed some issues today Wyn. 4-4-2 with Mooney and Burton up-front, Bailey moved inside and we finally brought in a big target man to give us another option.

Richardson's return was a bonus too. Glad Parky rung the changes & they worked for him.

Welcome back.

Phil said...


Great to see that your suspension was brief, welcome back. The only long term suspension I want to see is McLeod's !

We now have some real options up front and hopefully our strikers ( bar one ) will stay fit.

I've long advocated Bailey moving into his favoured position and he was great.

Anonymous said...

The tide mark was very low, in Deptford Creek and I thought that in the poor windy conditions we would be lucky to see a goal or maybe a freak wind assisted goal.
Their opener was a cracker, and they should of been 2 up quickly.
The luck turned our way and it was great to see an abundance of goals and further chances.
Bailey was much better inside and his long range passing and shooting was 'top drawer stuff'
Racon continually frustrates. He should become a cricket umpire, hes always signalling wides.
Mooney needs match time but obviously can cause problems for defenders.

Anonymous said...

I thought the crowd did its bit today. After their goal, it might have slipped away given the poor performances in the last week, but instead they got behind the team. Perhaps the moaners are in the minority?

While luck does play a part, you have to be in the right position on the line to clear off it, so credit to Youga for being in the right place. I though Burton played really well - he seems to be the only one of our strikers who can perform the hold-up role well. Not that the BBM could see it - constant round of moans about Burton all the way through.

Of the loanees, Mooney looks good, Ikame less so. It sounds as if Elliot will be back in a couple of weeks. I think he would have saved their first goal.

As a long standing critic of our corners, I should say that Sodje's goal was a peach - why can't they all be more like that?

Feline Charlton afficionados Frank and Norman send apologies to Juneau and present the excuse that a prolonged stay at vet hospital followed by an extraordinary bill led to a temporary loss of spelling control.

Corner Counter

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see you back Wyn. Wasn't that sweet?

I had Youga as my MOM, but others I was with had Bailey and Semedo - i think that says it was an outstanding all round performance. How often do you beat the team third in the table 5-1?

You interestingly refer to Lloydie's 2 assists - for me a very significant pat on the back for our mercurial winger.

After reading your blog in the week I said to my son that we should stop worrying about winning and just go out and enjoy the game. We certainly did that...

Pembury Addick

Anonymous said...

Glad you left a report.

Great performance and good tactical changes by the manager.

Your blog reminded and reminds the lot of us to be less negative and remember to enjoy supporting our club. There has been a notable improvement on the boards.

Hope you continue as you act as counterbalance, compass and voice of reason.

Come on you reds !!!


Wyn Grant said...

When there is a good performance all around there are usually a number of candidates for MoM. I am going to be travelling a lot over the next couple of weeks, so Paul May may step in which I do some thinking about the blog.

Anonymous said...

Well done Wyn! Your magic worked and lifted the suspense of the suspension.

My homebound delight was the increasing gloom of Mullers on Sky as we got further and further away from MKD. After the fifth he actually admitted we could play a bit. It was the Glikstens who upset him those 27(?)years ago, but he seems to hate us whoever is in ownership.

Not a miserable moaner, but possibly Frustrated of Farnborough, it is legit to ponder on some of Parky's decisions, eg persisting with McLeod, Bailey on the wing. Got it right now, let's hope.

The nature of our support did change during our Premiership years, ie the demand for instant and continuous success, but there is still a solid body of traditional Charlton "rain or shine" support, cf Hereford and the East Stand every home game. Keep bobbin'.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you blogging away Wyn. Really is an enjoyable read for me following my beloved team from so far away. You bring a piece of home to Prince George, BC, Canada. Up the Addicks!!! Bcaddick

lesberry'sdbp said...

I got the impression with a number of our loans Mooney and Sodje senior that they are with a view to buy. After the debacles of some of our signings (Gray etc) its not a bad idea. I was very impressed by Mooney who ran his socks off and started to link very well with Burton who also improved as the game went on.

Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis said...

I think Burton's contribution has been undervalued. Early on when things weren't going well for Charlton he was harrying MK all over the pitch, he holds the ball up like no other player we have and despite the relative unfamiliarity with Mooney he soon began to link up and all of this when risking himself further injury.
Charlton certainly had the rub of the green with a couple of decisions but that was well overdue. The really encouraging thing was how the team took the luck and pushed on for more - in stark contrast to MK's cynical and petulant response. They may have been missing a couple of players Ince would usually select but if they're the 3rd or 4th best team in this division we shouldn't be too concerned. The home crowd was the most positive and noisy yet this season and its contribution should not be underestimated.
More please boys and girls and we can look cheerfully forward to the visits of the pirates and the spanners

Wyn Grant said...

I think that the intention is to take a good look at some of these loan players with a view to purchase.

lesberry'sdbp said...

Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis totally agree, even though carrying an hernia injury, his fitness seemed to last throughout the game and as you've pointed out have we at last two strikers who can play together?