Tuesday, 29 March 2011


I wonder how many fans are happy with how their football club is doing at the moment? In League 1 Brighton fans should be and the Norwich fans I have talked to recently are happy with their first season back in the Championship. Super Hoops fans should be satisfied with their impending return to what they regard as their rightful home.

Quite hard to find happy supporters in the Premiership though. Manchester United should win the Premiership and could even do the treble, but they haven't been playing at their best this season. And there is no sign of the hated owners budging.

Arsenal look like they are facing another season without a trophy. Chelsea have surrendered the title, although they are still in the Champions League, as are Spurs, against expectations. But whether they can qualify next season remains to be seen. One thing is certain: the moment something goes wrong Spurs fans will be flooding the airwaves moaning.

Manchester City look like a collection of talented but petulant individuals, not a team. Liverpool have had a nightmare period, but at least are coming out of it with new owners and a new, much loved manager. Down at the other end, Villa fans have real cause for concern.

So who are the happy campers? Stoke City should be as they have consolidated their position in the top flight, albeit with a style of play that has won them few friends. But no doubt the complaint in the Potteries is about 'mid table mediocrity'. Possibly Blackpool fans have the greatest cause for enjoy because, after a roller coaster season with some spectacular results, they could well stay up.

In our division, Rochdale fans have every reason to be pleased with what they have achieved this season. It's going to be a tough game for us tonight. The bookies favour a home win and who could say they are wrong? I find this a difficult match to call, but if we do win I will be over the moon.

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