Friday, 4 March 2011

The view from the Wirral

A comprehensive Tranmere preview of the match, although its credibility is somewhat undermined by naming Gary Doherty as 'one to watch'. First, he's injured and, second, he is 'one to watch' only if you are a fan of the directionless defensive header. Anyway: Tranmere

Apparently the choice to replace Doherty is between Forch and Llera. I would prefer the latter, the league having turned down Chris Powell's request to place the central defence on mobility scooters.

The Tranmere forecast is 1-1 and a lot of Charlton blogs are forecasting a draw, either a dreary 0-0 or 1-1. I think the gloom is being overdone. Tranmere don't have much of a record at The Valley and I am going for 2-0.

Admittedly the clean sheet may be a bit optimistic given that Elliot seems to be having some problems. He is still has a Dracula problem and at set pieces some of the confusion and panic in the defence may be down to a lack of confidence in him. Possibly one of Parky's mistakes was not to see the potential in Randolph.

My biggest concern is actually the crowd. One of the main arguments for getting rid of Parky was that the majority of fans lacked confidence in him, but the negativity has soon come back. With a side drained of confidence, they need the support of the Addickted, not moans and groans the first time there is a misplaced pass.

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Anonymous said...

Totally agree with your last paragraph. yes we have an average squad, but so does everyone else. Differnce is our team plays with fear due to our expectant and deluded support.