Sunday, 23 December 2012

Powell: I did not swear at ref

Chris Powell has explained his encounter at half time with referee Gary Sutton at Hillsborough yesterday. He said: 'There were a number of challenges on Lawrie Wilson, there was an offside goal that was actually onside, and then we had a penalty decision that we thought we should have been given.'

The manager continued: 'At half time I went to speak to the referee. I didn't swear, I didn't point at him, so I felt I approached him in the right way, but he said go to the stands.'

'So if I can't talk to him in the correct matter when I'm not abusing him or doing anything that would put me in potential trouble, what can you do? He said it's for the image of the game that I came onto the pitch and left my technical area.'

I said "it's half time", and he said it should have been in the tunnel. We spoke at length at half-time in the referee's room but he's made the decision and he's not going to change it.'

Wednesday manager Dave Jones admitted, 'It looked like a penalty and I'd have been disappointed if it had gone against me. Maybe we had a Christmas present nice and early.'

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