Monday, 29 April 2013

Charlton? 'Arry doesn't know whether to laugh or cry

Following on Tony Mowbray's remarks about Charlton being a team that 'Boro should be able to beat at home, QPR manager 'Arry 'Houdini' Redknapp has made it clear that a visit to The Valley next season holds no worries for him, although he admits that getting back out of the Championship will be a tough test for the relegated Super Hoops.

'Arry didn't specifically mention Charlton when he wound down the car window, but he said, 'There are 14, 15, 16 clubs in the Championship who have won things, teams like Nottingham Forest, Derby, Leicester, Blackburn. There is a whole lorry-load of massive clubs in that division.' And some less massive clubs who have done well this season despite having a wage bill a fraction of that at Loftus Road.

I must admit that QPR are in my 'dislike' category. Why? First, it has always seemed to me that their fans have an exaggerated view of their own standing, taking the view that they should be in the Premier League as of right. When the first takeover occurred, I recall one QPR fan saying, 'In five years' time the question will be which is the biggest club in Europe: Real Madrid or QPR?'

Second, their ground. When I had a Subbuteo set, one way of making stands cheaply was to turn shoe boxes on their side and that's what Loftus Road reminds me of. Moreover, their security in relation to away fans is unneccesarily stringent.

Third, HMS Rodney Marsh, who treated us with contempt as a commentator in the year we first got promotion to the top flight. Indeed, when QPR tried to poach Curbs as a manager after we had beaten them at Loftus Road, Marsh was one of those arguing that he should leave for a 'bigger' club.

Fourth, I have a soft spot for Brentford and I was disappointed when they lost against Doncaster Rovers. Even though Griffin Park has very cramped away accommodation, I would rather have an away fixture there next year than at Yeovil. At least it's got a roof in the away seats.


Anonymous said...

QPR have always been in the same category as Millwall as far as I'm concerned (albeit without the moronic following) as a grubby little club with a poxy ground.

Geoff said...

They are honest enough to call part of it "The Loft", but it all feels just about right for pigeons.
Griffin Park is possibly even more uncomfortable but just about shades it for the four pubs and trains to Waterloo.

The R's aren't the only ones to have an unrealistic view of themselves. (Think 2005 Addicks planning their European tour.)It was the addition of Redknapp that sent the bombast to the point where I lost my neutrality and started hoping they'd lose.

ChicagoAddick said...

Yes on all four counts Wyn.

1) I always have decsribed Loftus Rd as looking like a Subbuteo ground
2) I was once threatened with arrest there because I was shouting too loudly!
3) Rodney got his comeuppance!
4) Agree on Brentford plus the 4 pubs are a bonus

Anonymous said...

Mowbray lost a bit of credibility from me, Harry didn't as he had none to lose!
I've always wondered how the Pompey fans still hold him in the regard they do, as him spending like a drunken sailor caused all their problems.
He'll be off from QPR at the first wave of a bigger cheque book.