Sunday, 21 April 2013

Powell: my Premiership goal

Today's Football League Paper has an interview with Chris Powell following Charlton's final escape from mathematical relegation yesterday. Powell talks about his ambitions for the club and his relationship with the owners.

He describes the Addicks as taking the road back to the Premier League: 'Whether it takes a year or three, that is our aim and we have to do our best to get the club in the right shape so that when it happens we're ready for it' (implying that we aren't yet, which is surely right). 'This year has been a step forward and once the summer comes I'll look to improve again ... It's vital to recruit the right players to push your team on.' A few mistakes aside, which all managers make, Sir Chris has done well with recruitment so far but a lot will depend on the budget available to him in the summer.

He admits that Charlton has made less investment than some clubs, but says that creates less pressure with the aim being to 'put the club on an even keel.' He added, 'We know the people upstairs can get upset and sometimes jump the gun. But you need to keep calm and focus on what you are trying to achieve. I want to remain as long as I can in this job because this club supports me and lets me manage. The supporters do too.'

'I've got a good working relationship with the owners, but your working relationship with the staff and players is even more important. You have to talk regularly (to owners) about how you can improve. If we can't, no problem, just tell me and I'll manage with what I've got.'

Sir Chris concluded by seeking to manage expectations: 'I will never promise fans we're going to got out and spend millions if we haven't got it. That's lies - and I'm not here to lie.'


Anonymous said...

Without doubt Chris Powell has done a great job. Yes, some mistakes have been made and he has not had the Budget that some clubs have had but look at Blackburn, Huddersfield and Bristol City....Big Budgets and big failure.
The Charlton team is 2-3 players away from a promotion capable team.

I'd be thankful we have him. Here's hoping the Board issues are resolved and the club does regain Premiership status

Anonymous said...

Charlton have an exciting end to the season with a result at middlesborough away saturday could have a chance of reaching the play offs if we beat Bristol city at home last day.The ones above us in the table have the worst set of fixtures to play than we do i feel we have the easiest of the lot,Middlesborough in free fall especially at home so i think we could win 2-1 and that will tie us up nicely to the Bristol game.City already down will be a tough game Adomagh and Heaton maybe worth snapping up come the summer.Im going make a prediction were the in form team at the moment so i cant see why we cant sneak into the play offs and go up.I have a feeling that we could play Crystal Palace in the final.If we do go up i hope that the board back Chris Powell with 10m to buy new players otherwise we be straight back down again.Come on you mighty reds

jonathan acworth